Interesting Information About 16 Inch Hair Extensions


Have you ever used hair extensions to change your hairstyle? If yes, which type of hair extensions did you choose? No matter what type you choose, take Luxshinehair into consideration if you want to get high-quality hair products. If you are dreaming of a medium hairstyle but you’re confused among many hair lengths, try 16 inch hair extensions for incredible results. So now, to help you have a deep understanding about this hair length, we will show you some information about 16 inch hair extensions.

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What Is 16 Inch Hair Extensions?

The length size of 16 inches is approximately 40 centimeters. This length is measured when the hair is maximally straightened. Therefore, if you want to get curly or wavy hairstyles at this length, you should know that your hair will be shorter than its real length. While 12 inch hair reaches the chin or shoulder, 16 inch hair extensions can past the collar bone.

16 Inch Hair Extensions

Suggestions of Several Stunning Wavy Hairstyles For 16 Inch Extensions

All of us dream of a beautiful look with voluminous hairdos. Here are some chic wavy hairstyles for 16 inch hair extensions you should try.

  • Loose Wavy Curls

This hairstyle is suitable for those who want to get a feminine look.

Loose Wavy Curls

  • Lovely Layered Long Wavy Hair

This hairstyle will give you a glamorous look by adding lovely wavy lines to your hair. It also helps throw away all worries about your thin hair.

Lovely Layered Long Wavy Hair

  • Radiant Wavy Hair With Bang

Now, you don’t have to envy thick, beautiful hair of others because of the volume and length that these hair extensions bring to you. Actually, 16 inch wavy hair extensions will make you look more attractive.

Radiant Wavy Hair With Bang

How To Take Care Of 16 Inch Hair Extensions

Whether your hair is human hair or synthetic hair, it can last for a longer time with proper care. Below are some tips to take care of your 16 inch hair extension.

  • Don’t Wash Too Much

Do you know that your scalp produces natural oil to keep moisture into your hair? If you wash your hair too frequently, available moisture will be slipped out of your scalp and make the hair become dry. The frequency of washing is up to the amount of styling products you have used. However, it is recommended to wash twice a week. You can use a dry shampoo to avoid damaging your extensions if you need to wash them regularly.

Don’t Wash Too Much

  • Condition The Hair

Conditioning is one of the essential steps when it comes to the hair care process. This not only helps moisturize the hair but also makes the hair healthy and shiny. However, your hair will look dull and limp if you apply too much conditioner.

Condition The Hair

  • Store Them Carefully

If you want your hair extensions to last longer, don’t forget to give them love by storing them in a box or a specialized storage bag. Of course, it is not compulsory, but it is recommended to preserve the hair extensions. So, invest in a good bag to keep your hair always beautiful.

Store The Hair

In a nutshell, we have shown you useful information about 16 inch hair extension. If you want to find out more about other hair lengths, continue to follow us. Thanks for reading!



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