Interesting Information About A 360 Frontal


The 360 lace frontal is the most popular hair extension trend because it allows you to wear hair extensions and bundles to look like your own hair. 360 frontal can be worn alone creating a natural look in under an hour or quickly sew-in. The 360 frontal may be installed using different methods. It can be sewn, glued or secured to the hair with a special type of tape. The 360 frontal is designed to significantly reduce installation time and serve as a sewn-in hair closure.

Not everyone knows or even heard of 360 frontal, so in this post, we will show you a tutorial on how to install a 360 lace closure and some amazing advantages of 360 frontal.

Before talking about detailed information of 360 frontal, we need to know what a 360 lace frontal is first. So, let’s get started….

1. What Is A 360 Frontal?

The frontal closure with 30 laces is a new hair extension type. The 360 frontal hairstyles represent a new trend in the market for human hair extensions. In short, it is a lace headband that has human hair on it. 360 frontal covers all around the head and just leave the center of a round opening area. It recreates the hairline around the entire perimeter of your head so you can sew in with your ponytails. Although this extension is not a full wig, it is still a must-try hair extension product if you want to save money and installation time.

What Is A 360 Frontal

2. Advantages of A 360 Frontal

Today, many women use 360 frontals because of its convenience and diversified styles. In this part, let’s find out some advantages of 360 frontals that make them become popular.

  • Give A Natural Look

Thanks to a big lace, when wearing these hair extensions, you can get a realistic hairline that will give you a natural look.

  • Protect Your Scalp Well

Because it has a 360-degree lace, so it can protect your scalp very well.

  • Make Various Hairstyles

Hairstyle varied is a unique advantage of 360 frontal that not every type of hair extensions can achieve. You can feel free in styling or braiding your hair to any hairstyles you want with a beautiful hairline.

Make Various Hairstyles

  • Need Fewer Bundles

Because it can cover a large part of your head, it will require fewer bundles for a full sew-in. You even just need 2 to 3 bundles for a full installation. It also needs wefts that match your hair texture to get your desired look.

Need Fewer Bundles

  • Save Time

Because it requires fewer bundles so you don’t have to spend much time at a hair salon for installing.

3. How To Install A 360 Frontal

  • Step 1: Prepare Your Hair

That means you have to wash, condition and trimming your natural hair. This step helps your extension last longer. You may also pluck hair away from the hairline of your frontal to make it look natural. It is also very necessary to bleach and dye the lace to match your scalp tone better. Next, cutting off the excess lace from the back of the piece is very important.

Prepare Your Hair

  • Step 2: Apply The Lace

Style your natural hair in plaits or cornrows and put it on your two wig caps. Take the needle and sew down the caps of the two wigs using large stitches in a circle around your head.

  • Step 3: Install Hair Weaves

Apply your 360 frontal and carefully place it in the desired area along your hairline and pin or braid the hair out of the way. When the 360 frontals is in the right position, sew it down along the top wig cap on the outside. In the remaining circular area, you will begin to glue wefts down. Then, spray this area with hairspray or you can glue the tracks down. Make sure to measure the track before cutting and gluing. Now, it’s time that the remaining lace was cut off from the hairline. You can either use lace adhesive or styling gel after the lace is trimmed to secure the frontal in place.

Apply The 360 Frontal

Install 360 Frontal

  • Step 4: Style The Extension

Finally, you can freely style the 360 frontal extensions as the way you enjoy.

Style The Extension

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