How will Pokimane’s face look when without makeup?


If you are a big fan of LOL game, you actually don’t feel too unfamiliar with the name “Pokimane“, right? She is famous not only for being one of the best female streamers and gamers, but also for her beautiful appearance. It is not boastful when saying that Pokimane’s beauty can make every man’s heart be melted. However, “how will her face look if she doesn’t use makeup layers?” is also a thing that makes people feel curious. Surprisingly, Pokimane responded to that question via her own pictures with bare face. Let’s with Luxshinehair check out these images and see what differences between a Pokimane with and without makeup right now!


1. Some information of Pokimane

Pokimane’s real name is Imane Anys. She was born on 14 May 1996 in Moroccan Canada. She is well- known for a lot of different roles such as a Twitch streamer, an Youtuber, a media personality and also a talented gamer. Especially, she is also on top female gamers of League of Legends and Fortnite games.

Not only does she have wonderful gaming experiences but she also has the beautiful appearance that many other girls desire. When Pokimane appears in the crowd, she is always the bright centre with a lovely round facewhite skin, bright smile and of course a sexy body. With such various advantages, she is loved very much and get a huge fan base. These days, Pokimane’s Twitch has more than 3.3 million of people following. It is 3.8 million on Pokimane’s instagram and more than 1.2 million on her Twister.

Some Information Of Pokimane

Pokimane is always feel self confident in her endowed beauty and obviously she is not afraid of showing her face without makeup to everyone. Let’s see Pokimane no makeup images right below. You will actually feel surprised!

2. Pokimane without makeup

Pokimane no makeup Twitch

Perhaps, many people feel familiar with a beautiful Pokimane streaming game on Twitch so that when seeing Pokimane no makeup stream on 23rd October, 2018, they were very shocked. Pictures and clip of Pokimane without makeup quickly went viral on all social networks. Especially, a side- by- side picture of her got more than 1000 retweets and meme variations. While almost people supported Pokimane no makeup because she is still pure and natural, some others criticized her that she looks ugly without dark makeup layers.

Actually, Pokimane’s face is very beautiful even when she doesn’t use thick cosmetics. More importantly, she is self- confident with her bare face and that is so wonderful. Obviously, she can’t look gorgeous like when she makes up but this image shows us another extent of a charming and sexy Pokimane.

Pokimane No Makeup Twitch

Without makeup layers, she looks very soft and gentle. Like other girls, she has no reasons to make up when she is at home. Her bare face is still excellent. Indeed, white skintwinkle eyes and sweet smile help her to have a perfect appearance.

In addition, the blonde layered hairstyle with side part style make her look much more natural nad attractive. Of course, this is not a new haircut but its effect on Pokimane’s pure face is very impressive.

Pokimane no makeup Twitter

To conclude Pokimane no makeup drama, she also tweeted some more pictures of her non makeup face as a strong response. Let’s see things she claimed to the world. We make sure that they are also words that very girl wants to say,right?

Also with bare face, this time, Pokimane still looks extremely sweet and beautiful. She makes more figures under natural lights with the best self- confidence. We can’t deny that every line on her face is perfect even when not having eyeliners, lipstick or false eyelashes.

She also choose herself an impressive hairstyle with soft natural hair waves. A little change with light brown hair color and side swept style make her appearance become more shining and lovelier than ever.

Pokimane No Makeup Twitter

Pokimane no makeup Instagram

It sounds like every girl likes cat and so does Pokimane. When chilling with her cat Boo, she also doesn’t need makeup layers. In contrast, she actually feel comfortable with that.

This time, it is layered medium hair with light brown– her favorite hair color. It is simple but beautiful enough to embellish her cute face and white skin without makeup. In fact, Pokimane has never felt inferior because of her bare face, even when being criticized by public.

Pokimane No Makeup Instagram

Pokimane’s trip to Canada

When going travelling, every girl wants to become the most beautiful one so that they often make thick makeup layers. Obviously, they help you to feel self- confident and comfortable, right? However, if it is a trip back to hometown, making up is not necessary.

On her trip to Canada to visit parents, Pokimane also kept her bare face. It is not the problem since she is always the most beautiful girl in her parents’ eyes. In this visit, she has brown straight hair and warm clothes. In addition, her happy feeling makes her face look bright even when without makeup.

Pokimane’s Trip To Canada

3. Pokimane no makeup comparision

Comparing the face of Pokimane without make up to her face with make up, there are not too many differences. She still looks beautiful and charming everytime. Makeup layers make her become sexier and more outstanding but bare face gives her  the most comfort and naturalness.

Of course, making up frequently is completely not good and you can’t make up in everytime and everywhere. Thus, in unnecessary cases, let’s keep your face in the most natural state like the way Pokimane has done. You don’t need to meet others’ satisfactions. Your appearance is the best when you are yourself!

Pokimane No Makeup Comparision

As her saying ” We’re all only human, so let’s be kind to one another!”. Every girl doesn’t want to be criticized by any one, especially because of their appearance. Therefore, let’s be like Pokimane! Care yourself as well as possible and always feel satisfied with things you have.

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