How To Wear A Wig Cap Under Your Full Lace Human Hair Wig


If you are new to a full lace wig, you may want to know whether wearing a wig cap under your full lace wig with baby hair is necessary or not. But, if you are a fan of using a lace wig, you may curious about the benefits of putting on a wig cap under the full lace wigs. Actually, wear a wig cap or not depends on your personal preference. To help you better understand, today, we will guide you on how to wear a wig cap on your head before wearing the full lace human hair wigs.

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What Is a Full Lace Wig?

Do you know why we want to explain the definition of a full lace wig? In fact, many people are familiar with these extensions, but some are still confused on what exactly it is. That’s the reason why we mention about it.

Full lace human hair wigs are the wigs with the entire lace base. They are made from a whole lace cap which can cover the entire head. The 100% virgin remy human hair is knotted into the lace holes by hand to make it look realistic. Full hand-made human hair wig with full lace make it lighter and more breathable than lace frontal wigs.

What Is a Full Lace Wig

Which Type of Material Should You Consider For Your Wig Cap?

In the market, there are three main types of wig cap materials: nylon cap, mesh cap and cotton cap.

Nylon cap is the most common-used cap in the market. The nylon wig cap is not only soft for wearing but also covers your natural hair well and helps prevent the full lace frontal wigs with baby hair from slipping.

Nylon cap

If you are planning to wear the full lace wig for a long time, a mesh cap should be a good choice. It can both make your natural scalp and keep your full lace human hair wig with baby hair in place.

mesh cap

Unlike two material wig caps above, the cotton cap should be a careful choice for you. This cap may absorb the water and oil from your natural hair making your hair become dry. So, it shouldn’t be the right option for you.

cotton cap

The Benefits Of Wearing A Wig Cap

In this article, we will mention about the benefits of a wig cap under the glueless full lace human hair wig by two aspects.

For Women With Hair Problems Like Hair Loss or Baldness

  • The wig cap help protect your natural scalp from the friction of the full lace human hair wigs with baby hair. In case you wear a sew-in human hair wigs, it helps reduce the feeling of discomfort.
  • If you have the sensitive scalp, a wig cap acts as a barrier between your scalp and the full lace wigs human hair. This helps to add a layer of protection to your scalp. It also depends on the material of the wig cap you use because the suitable wig cap always protect your sensitive scalp better than the wrong one.
  • The wig cap can help the pre-plucked full lace wigs sit well on your head, so you don’t need to worry about slipping the wig. Whether you wear a full lace human hair wig, a lace frontal wig or a transparent lace wig, the wig cap can both make you confident when you hang out for parties, for exercise or other outdoor activities.

For Women With Natural Hair

  • For women with natural healthy hair, a wig cap can cover all their natural hair well. This helps avoid the bad looking of exposed tangled hair making the full lace wig sew in look more natural.
  • We all know that before installing the lace wigs with baby hair, you need to comb and flat your real hair to get a natural look. A wig cap is very useful for flattening your own hair and keeping it close to your scalp so that the wig will look completely natural without visible lumps and bumps.

The Downsides Of Wearing A Wig Cap Under Human Hair Full Lace Wigs

Although wearing a wig cap sounds beneficial, it is also meaningless to some. Here are some disadvantages of a wig cap.

  • Some people feel a little hot when wearing the cap because as mentioned above, it acts as an extra layer underneath the wig. For those wearing the thick wig cap or even wearing the thin wig cap for a long period of time, the heat can make them uncomfortable and cause sweating.
  • Although wig caps are usually a one-size fits all, some wearers with bigger head size may find that it’s too tight to wear a wig cap underneath the wig. This can lead to a headache if you wear it for a long time. If you are experiencing this, we recommend you to wear a wig without a wig cap for a more comfortable experience.


If you’re curious how to wear a wig without a wig cap, using the same technique as you do with a wig cap. But, before you put the wig on your head, make sure your scalp is clean. If you have natural curly hair, try braiding or twisting to flatten it as much as possible and to avoid any bumps under the wig.

In contrast, what should you do if you want to wear a wig cap under your full lace wig? Let’s keep on reading to get the answer.

How To Wear A Wig Cap Under Your Full Lace Human Hair Wig

If your hair is long, you should braid it into some small tails, then twisting it up to reduce the flyaway hair. However, if you have short hair, it is suggested braiding your hair into small tails and putting it down at back. Whether you have long or short hair, it’s important to flatten your own hair after braiding.

braid it into some small tails

Place your wig cap at the same point with your front natural hairline. Then, pull the wig cap over your head until it sits comfortably and secure at your nape. Pull down the sides of the wig cap to the back of your ears.

pull the wig cap over your head

If you want all of your hair covered by the cap, you can tuck all remaining hair beneath the cap from all sides to keep it as neat as possible.

You can adjust the cap until you feel comfortable. The cap should be secure but not too tight. You don’t want any of your natural hair showing, right? When the wig cap is done properly, you can place your wig on top and step out with a style that can stay fabulous all day.

You have got information about wearing a wig cap under your full lace human hair wig. Now, if you have any question, please comment below this article or contact us.

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