How To Use Clip-In Bangs


Clip-in bangs are a perfect choice for those trying to choose one hairstyle. If you love styling but fear they’d make you look like an embarrassing yearbook photo from middle school, you can try clip-in bangs. In brief, if you choose the right bangs and apply them correctly, they can make you look to resemble a beautiful woman in the 1970s. In this article, we will share with you the clip-in bangs tutorial.

1. Choosing Clip-In Bangs

Choosing Clip In Bangs

  • Choose Blunt Bangs For A Narrow Face

You may think that blunt bangs are nightmares of bad childhood haircuts, but that’s not a problem with clip-in bangs. These bangs can work especially very well on narrow faces. Try to choose blunt bangs that fall above your eyebrows to widen your features. If not, you can cut them to the right length.

Choose Blunt Bangs For A Narrow Face

  • Wear Layered Bangs For A Wider Face Shape

For those with a wider face, long, layered or textured bangs are an ideal option. If you choose layered bangs, remember to choose one that has sides falling to your striking cheekbones. This kind of bang will accentuate your lovely features and make you look more outstanding.

Wear Layered Bangs For A Wider Face Shape

  • Match Your Hair Color With The Bangs

Finding the right color bangs is a very important part of creating women’s beauty. Typically, bangs are coming in about eleven shades. Unless you have unusual or unnatural hair color, you should find a close match.

  • Choose The Right Bangs For Your Hair Texture

Not everyone has the same hair texture, so you need to consider which type of bangs is more suitable for your hair texture. For example, curly hair will look best with soft and wispy bangs because they wouldn’t take away your natural, bouncing curls. On the other hand, arched or mini bangs are great for those who have straight hair because they are easy to achieve.

2. Applying Clip-In Bangs

  • Part Your Hair Down The Center

Firstly, using a comb to part your hair down the center. The center part helps to fix for annoying hair in the face and allows the bangs to lay flat against your head.

Part Your Hair Down The Center

  • Apply A Dry Shampoo

This step isn’t absolutely necessary, but it can help the bangs be more secure when attaching them to your hair.

  • Place The Bangs Near The Crown Of Your Head

If you apply the bangs too far back to your head or too close to the hairline, the illusion can be ruined, even when you choose the right bangs. It’s better to place the bangs at a distance of 1 inch from your hairline.

Place The Bangs Near The Crown Of Your Head

  • Clip-In Bangs

Make sure that you feel confident with the look of the bangs that you apply. Firstly, put the fastener in the middle of bangs to your hair, then lock the clips on sides of your head. Shake your head to ensure that they cannot fall anytime. Cover the clips with your hair to hide your clip-in extensions.

3. Styling Clip-In Bangs

  • Cut The Bangs If Necessary

You may find that the bangs are a little bit longer than desired, even cover your eyes, but that doesn’t mean they’re useless. You can cut them to achieve your preferred length. To do this, you can use a pair of shears or scissors made for cutting hair. Instead of trim the bangs horizontally, you should cut them vertically to maintain their natural texture. If you don’t trust your hair cutting skills, ask a stylist or someone knowledgeable about cutting hair to avoid making bad bangs.

Cut The Bangs If Necessary

  • Style With Your Fingers Or A Brush

When you secure them for the first time, they can look a little flat. Run your fingers through your bangs can give you a slightly tousled look. You can also use a brush to gently smooth them out for getting a sleek look.

  • Use A Styling Tool On The Bangs

If your bangs still look unnatural, you can use styling tools for better results. Depend on the status of your bangs, you can use a curling iron or a straightener for getting volume or smoothing out the bangs.

  • Wash Your Bangs Regularly

You may want to wash them once a week or once a month depending on how much you wear them. If you don’t want to go out with dirty or messy hair, it’s time to give them some love.

  • Condition The Bangs

Conditioning is a very important step after washing your hair. This helps to moisturize as well as keep your hair healthy. However, if you apply too much conditioner to your hair, your hair will look greasy.

I’m sure that the application of clip-in bangs become easier with the steps above. If you have any questions, please comment or contact Thanks for reading!



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