How To Take Care Of Long Hair


loIn this post, we will share some tips for long hair care process. With these tips, your hair will become more beautiful and healthier. These tips are also useful for those who don’t have long hair but want their hair to grow faster. So, now, let’s keep reading!

1. Use The Right Hair Brush

It is recommended to use a boar bristle brush or wet brush in order to brush the hair shaft as well as minimize any breakage. Like the boar bristle, a natural fiber brush helps reduce friction when brushing. Hence the hair doesn’t get caught on any knots, making the hair smooth and silky without pulling out hair strands. The trusty wet brush also plays an important role as the bristles bend around any tangles that put less stress on the hair.

Start at the ends of the hair and work your way up instead of top-down. This ensures that there is no pressure on the roots and helps to minimize damage. Remember that only use a wide-toothed comb when the hair is wet. This helps to avoid causing a lot of damage as it stretches the strands instead of separating them.

use a boar bristle brush or wet brush

2. Use A Deeply Hydrating Treatment Twice A Week

If your hair is styled with heat, deep hydrating treatments can replenish any lost moisture. The coconut honey mask is a favorite DIY of ours. You can also achieve this by using an oil rich in vitamin E such as olive or avocado oil. To get the best results, warm up the oil on low heat in a pan and apply it to your hair. Then, use a warm towel to wrap your hair and wash out after a few minutes. The heated oil makes it easier to absorb into the hair and improves its effective qualities.

Use A Deeply Hydrating Treatment

3. Use A Heat Protectant

It seems to be an easy-to-forget step although we all know we should use it for long hairstyles. A heat protectant wraps the hair shaft and forms a protective barrier; therefore, it can prevent damage and ensure your style is sleek and frizz-free.

Use A Heat Protectant

4. Use A Low-Heat Setting For Hairdryer And Point The Nozzle Down

As you know, one of the worst things you often do with your hair is overheated it with excessive blow-drying. It’s necessary to rein in how often you use a hairdryer and pay attention to how you use it as well as make sure to apply heat protectant before using it to avoid dry and damage your hair.

Keep the dryer nozzle at a distance from your hair about two inches. There is a fact that drying from the side of your hair will make your hair frizzy by pushing it all over the place. For this reason, it’s better to point the nozzle straight down about three inches away from the hair.

Use A Low Heat Setting For Hairdryer And Point The Nozzle Down

5. Try Not To Over-Wash Your Hair

Natural oils on your hair are designed to protect and moisturize your locks, so if you shampoo daily, it will be stripped away. It creates a vicious cycle of oil overproduction that requires shampooing very often. Ideally, you just need to wash your hair twice to three times a week to keep your hair healthy. A good natural dry shampoo can also help clean your hair over until your next wash and add volume.

Try Not To Over Wash Your Hair

6. Wash Your Hair The Right Way

It’s important to identify how you wash your hair. Do you reach for a large amount of shampoo and scrunch it at your hair ends? If you responded yes, then you should know that shampooing the scalp is just the right way to do it. That’s where most oil buildup takes place and it’s important to gently massage the shampoo into the scalp with your fingers to get rid of it. When you shampoo your hair, an invigorating massage can encourage blood circulation and help to detoxify the scalp. The application of conditioner along the length of your hair can restore moisture.

Wash Your Hair The Right Way

7. Use A Hair Wrap Or An Old T-shirt Instead Of A Towel To Dry

The use of a smooth fabric such as cotton or linen instead of a waffle brushed cotton towel can get rid of excess moisture before styling. As a result, the hair shaft is not caused to fray when you wrap it to dry.

Use A Hair Wrap Or An Old T Shirt Instead Of A Towel To Dry

In conclusion, long hair can not only give you a feminine look but you can also style it any way you want. But, achieving beautiful long hair is not an easy thing. Hopefully, all tips above will make your long hair care process become easier. Thanks for reading!


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