How to Style Layered Hair for an Enjoyable Life?


You may question whether you make your thin hair look even thinner if you cut it in layers of different lengths. The fact is that some layers look more voluminous than one layer generally. You could imagine the different visible thickness between a terraced rice field and a flat one. Similarly, your hair could look thicker as well as more attractive if you know how to style layered hair properly.

How to Style Layered Hair?

Long layers vs. Short layers

As mentioned before, to have your hair styled this way, you will cut it in layers of different lengths. It is your choice to make short or long layers which do not refer to the hair length, but the distance between the longest ends and the shortest layer. Having short layers means that you have “the distance” of 1 to 2 inches, while long layers require “the distance” of several inches.

If you have fine hair, you should not have long layers as you do not want your hair tail looks as thin as just some strands. On the other hand, girls with thick hair could get longer layers for a charming appearance.

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Layers placement

To show off your facial features with a long hairstyle, try “face-framing layers” which get gradually shorter toward your face. On the other hand, you could have layers throughout the hair from front to back, which is called “all-over layers”. Generally speaking, women with thick or curly hair should think about all-over layers, while normal to fine hair looks good with face-framing ones.

A scissor or a razor?

Having your strands layered with a scissor or a razor will bring with different look for your hair. Layers cut by a scissor will have a cleaner finish in general. In contrast, razor-cut layers seems to be wilder and freer. However, some says a razor could make each single hair become finer as the cutting direction looks like you are peeling the strands’ outer part. Spilt ends would appears more as a consequence.

Some ideas for how to style layered hair?

Long layers for honey blonde hair

Long layers

The most interesting thing when you have this style is that your hair would look more wavy and lively without boring blunt tail. Do not afraid that your hair would look messy with variable layers. Each layer is at different position will not badly interfere any other.

A-Symmetrical Choppy Haircut

A-Symmetrical Choppy Haircut

Active girls would likely love it at first sight. The style arranges layers in the opposite direction. Face – framing layers are made with the shortest pieces in back and the longest in front. Loose curls, finally, will go so well with the haircut and make it totally gorgeous.

V – cut layers


You must be familiar with a C-shaped at the back, but the V – shape with considerably long layers is stunning with a different way. The layers will go from shorter in the front to longer in back. Your hair would look more voluminous and floating like a cloud’s layers.

Blunt bangs with face – framing layerBangs

This haircut is designed for girls with cute and chubby face. If your hair is not very thick and you spent a considerable volume for the bangs as well as the shortest layers, you should think about making your blocks wavy or curly for a fuller look.

More flaterring hairstyles for round faces should be found right here.

Y-shape for straight hair


In case you find your blunt straight hair boring, you could try a Y-shape with short layers at least once in your life. The higher hair part would look inflated and more voluminous.

Layers with braids


A braid across your head could make you look more charming or simply make your hair look neat and active. It is up to the way you apply braids on your layered hair. For example, a loose braid on your curly blonde would make you look more like a princess. Try some hair accessories if you wish to go to special events.

Layered lob

Layered lob

It is a great idea for a floating short hair. The shorter layers will likely be filled with more air and become as voluminous as feathers.

Once you know how to style layered hair, you have one more funny option to change up your appearance. There are more good tips of hair fashion in this website which are waiting for you to figure out.


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