Middle part sew in is a useful technique for giving you the texture and thickness of your hair as you wish. Today, we will show you what middle part sew in is and how to do middle part sew in with leave out and with bangs.

Middle Part Sew In

1. What Is The Middle Part Sew In?

Many people still wonder what a middle part sew in is. In fact, the hair is separated equally on two sides of the head. This is suitable for girls who want to balance the hair volume on both sides of their head. When you install the middle sew-in, it will give you the same volume as you would like.

What Is Middle Part Sew In

2. How To Do Middle Part Sew In With Leave Out

You can do a variety of styles for middle part sew in such as curly, straight or wavy middle part sew-in. Follow these steps and you’ll see that doing the middle part sew in with leave out is very easy.

How To Do Middle Part Sew In With Leave Out

  • Parting your hair right down the middle because this is a style that you’ll be wearing. Just kind of figuring out where you want that part.
  • Next, section off the leave out that you’re going to have around that part. Braid that up so it’s out of the way.
  • Take the tiniest bit of edges to kind of mask where my tracks are. You don’t need much in the front.
  • Do a full row on each side of your middle lido. These braids don’t have to be like super small so you don’t want to cause too much tension on your hair. Make sure that they lay nice and flat because it’s going to ensure if you don’t have that weird bump next to your part that clearly gives away that you have a weave.
  • Start for rolling and all you need to do is following down away from the parts and around the back. Alternate between sides so you’re going to do your right side and then left side.
  • After finishing braid patterns. Take a weaving cap. Stretch it over your head and leave this cap on.

Take A Weaving Cap

  • Start to sew around the perimeter. Then cut the elastic and extranet from around your head.
  • Stuck your needle through the track. If you do the fold-over method, you don’t have to cut the track. This method helps to reduce shedding.
  • Take your leave out and separate it from the leaves. Blow your hair out to get those kinks from the braids out.
  • Parting down the middle. Comb your natural hair into the weave to hide the track. Style your hair.

3. How To Do Sew-Ins With Bangs

How To Do Middle Part Sew In With Bangs

Middle part sew in with bangs will make your hair look more natural and beautiful.

  • Leave a little bit of hair in the middle so that’s why you should bait two braids along the top.
  • Next, trade along the sides. It’s very important that you have braids coming straight along the sides so that whenever you are sewing on the perimeter, you have one smooth surface to sew on.
  • At the ends of all of these braids, you should tie it off with like one of the small goody rubber bands.
  • After you finished braiding the braids, you should take the braids in between the gaps and the cornrows with bobby pins.
  • Put the needle through the wefts of the hair. Put it underneath the braid because it will help the weft lay more stable.
  • Make another stitch hold it up with your other hand. Loop the needle into the wefts once or twice.
  • Then, bobby pin your hair up in place to make things easier. If you want to reuse your hair extension, I recommend you not cutting it and just flipping it over. Before you flip it over, make sure to knot it like a little bit extra.
  • Finally, use closure in front of your head. You sew it under the last weft.
  • Comb down the hair. Make your hair wet. Start to create your bang.

We hope that all information above helps you much when using sew-in hair. Follow the website if you want to get free information about hair extension. We supply not only hair extensions in different textures and colors but also all information such as hair care tips, new hairstyles and so on.



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