How To Get Shiny Hair: Silky Hair and Shiny Hair Tips


It may feel like getting shiny hair is just good luck and genetics, however, you can have more control over your hair than you might think. Sure, living in a dry, windy climate and having naturally curly hair mean that you need a little more handiwork. However, you can simply achieve the shiny, healthy hair you’ve always dreamed of by incorporating a few tricks into your routine and adopting good hair habits. Today, we will share with you some useful tips for a shiny locks.

What Are The Causes Of Dull Hair?

We all know that dull hair always make you feel unconfident and uncomfortable. Some people think that dull hair is the result of the extra oils from your natural scalp. Is that right? Actually, there are a variety of factors leading to dull hair such as over-washing, over-styling or over-moisturizing.

For many women, dealing with dull hair like a constant battle. Since everything from color treating your hair to heat styling causes damage, brittleness and makes our hair appear lackluster, we always try to make our hair look shinier. So, what exactly can you do to achieve glossy hair while still helping to foster healthy and long-term shiny hair? Let’s follow the 5 easy tips below.

How To Get Shiny Hair

Do an apple cider vinegar rinse

After washing your hair, mix a small amount of apple cider vinegar and water together, then pour it on your scalp. Let the solution sit on your scalp for two to ten minutes before rinsing it out. It works by flattening your hair’s cuticle, so it makes your hair look shinier. Besides, you can also use it effectively to remove buildup on the scalp so that your roots will be clarified without drying out your beautiful hair.

Do an apple cider vinegar rinse

If your hair is curly or textured, apple cider vinegar can also help enhance your natural definition and minimize frizz while adding a layer of enviable gloss.

Use argan oil in place of a shimmering spray

Did you know that shimmering sprays can actually cause long-term hair damage? Even though they coat your hair and give you an instant boost of shine, they potentially rough up your hair’s cuticles resulting in breakage and dryness over time.

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Nowadays, many shine serums and sprays are mixed with alcohols, parabens, sulfates and other toxic ingredients which are not good for your hair and your health as well. Instead, use a natural oil like argan oil to nourish your strands. Like coconut and castor oil, it gives you the shine you want while protecting the health of your hair.

Use argan oil in place of a shimmering spray

We recommend you apply shine-boosting products both at the beginning and at the end of your heat styling routine. Just apply a small amount of argan oil through your hair to smooth out and make it look shiny and glamorous. Be sure to concentrate on the hair ends because this tends to be the driest area of your hair. However, it doesn’t mean that you apply it as much as possible. Overdoing just makes your hair look greasy, so be careful not to apply excessive amounts.

Blowout your hair like a professional

Do you love a salon blowout look but hate having to fork out the cash? Well, you can totally do it yourself at home. However, your natural hair needs to be protected as excess heat can strip all moisture from your hair. Instead of starting with a blow-dryer, towel-dry your hair first, then remove any excess water. You should do it gently and avoid rubbing the towel on your hair because it will rough up the follicles causing breakage and frizz.

Next, spray your damp hair with a heat protectant spray to limit the damage that heat styling tools do to follicles. Wait until your hair is about 80% dry before moving to the next step.

Once your hair is a bit dry, divide it into sections and pin up the top layers. Use a paddle brush to comb through the individual hair sections while blow-drying. Start doing with the bottom layers and finish with the top. This process may be slow but it’s necessary to ensure that your hair gets dried and smoothed.

Blowout your hair like a professional

The trick here is to point the dryer downwards in the direction of the cuticle. Be sure to keep the blow dryer moving all times to avoid causing unnecessary damage because of focusing too much heat at one section of your hair.

Once your hair is smooth and dry, use the blow dryer at cool setting and blast your hair for about one minute to give it a little extra shine by sealing the hair cuticle.

Flat iron is also necessary for making shiny hair

A flat iron does help to boost the shine of your hair. We recommend you use a high-quality ceramic flat iron because it will help you get the best results. With various heat settings, you can choose any one depending on your hair type. For example, if you have fine hair, a low heat setting is the best option. On the contrary, thick hair requires a higher heat setting because it is coarser.

Flat iron is also necessary for making shiny hair

Before you start, make sure that your hair is completely dry since the application of heat on wet hair can cause damage to the strands. Next, divide your hair into small sections, straighten one by one and pin up the rest to keep it out of the way.

Before you start, remember to brush each section to prevent any strands from coming out wavy. Also, don’t forget to apply heat protectant to each section of hair.

 Apply an overnight hair mask

The first thing you need to consider is the fact that moisture is your hair’s best friend. You should use a deep conditioner or hair mask at least once a week to make sure that your hair doesn’t get dry and brittle from the heat styling tools. This is also an effective way to avoid excessive frizz and prevent split ends. You can also use coconut oil as a natural leave-in overnight treatment.

Apply an overnight hair mask

Apply your hair mask or deep conditioner to your hair, comb it throughout your locks and leave it on your hair for about 15 to 30 minutes before rinsing. Instead of rinsing with hot water, cold water helps to close the hair cuticle and make your hair smoother and silkier.

You should also use the shampoo and conditioner formulated specifically for smoothing, so remember to check the label before buying. Look for products with aloe or keratin as ingredients because they can make your hair grow faster.

In conclusion, shiny hair is not only the result of outside hair care but also inside nourishment from inside. Therefore, make sure you have a balanced diet to make your hair always healthy. By incorporating these tips and following a good routine, your hair will be shinier over time without having to do much work. Now, let’s share with us your favorite shiny hair hack. Thanks so much for reading!


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