How To Get Jheri Curl- Step By Step


Since ancient times, curly hairstyles have become popular with women. Especially, Jheri curl has been one of the most common hairstyles since the 1980s that most African American men and women wanted to get it. It was brought in fashion by many famous celebrities including Michael Jackson. In this article, we will find out about Jheri curl hairstyle.

1. What Is A Jheri Curl?

Jheri curl is a popular hairstyle among African Americans which has become a trending hairstyle during the 1980s. Its name is also the name of its inventor, Jheri Redding, a hairdresser. It was known for its gloss finish with the loose curls on the hair. It was a low maintenance hairstyle so that it requires less attention and care to maintain. This hairstyle can produce soft and glossy curls to hair.

Jheri Curl

2. How To Get A Jheri Curl

Follow the steps below:

  • Wash Hair With Shampoo

Washing the hair with shampoo is an indispensable step because it helps to eliminate the presence of any oil or dirt in the hair. A good shampoo should be made of natural ingredients or at least not consisting of too many chemicals. After applying shampoo on your hair, the hair must be thoroughly rinsed and dried. Remember that drying it naturally would always be better than using a hairdryer. Then, in order to make your hair smooth, you can use a wide-toothed comb to gently brush the hair.

Wash Hair With Shampoo

  • Cover The Skin In Order To Avoid Skin Damage

A towel must be wrapped around the neck to prevent the chemical from causing any harm to the skin. Now, put the gloves and a plastic cape on.

A Towel Must Be Wrapped Around The Neck

  • Partition Of The Hair

Now, the hair will be separated into 3 or 4 equal parts depending on the volume and length of the hair. Each section has to be provided with the softener before being wrapped against a rod. The size of the rod depends on your demand.

Partition Of The Hair

  • Application Of Softener

The first application to get a Jheri curl is a cream that consists of a softener for loosening the hair. The application is often referred to as rearranging cream. This cream is composed of chemicals which can loosen the natural curls. It must be applied all over the hair and left on curls to relax.

Application Of Softener

  • Solution

Now, the hair must be saturated with the solution. It’s also important to spread the solution over each section. The loose curls are fixed through this chemical lotion.

  • Rinse

After applying the solution, it is necessary to let it sit on the hair for about three to five minutes to help the strands absorb the shape of the curls. Then, you wash the hair with cold water for about ten minutes. The removal of the effect of harsh chemicals is important for the safety of the hair.


  • Neutralizer

The second chemical that is applied with the function as a cross-link of the solution to help hair take the shape of the curlers is the neutralizing lotion.

  • Removal Of Rods

You have to remove the rods after about 5 to six minutes, then wash the hair with cold water. You just have to experience two main steps to get a Jheri curl. However, getting these curls in a salon would be better because the chemical solution is not safe for one’s hair. If you apply improperly or over-apply it, the hair strands will become brittle and dry. Therefore, it is best to have this hairstyle done in a salon because it requires skills and knowledge.

3. How Long Does A Jheri Curl Last?

It can be harder to maintain a hairstyle than to get it. Also, these curls must require regular maintenance by using curl activator sprays and moisturizers. It is recommended to sleep with all the hair covered under a plastic cap to avoid drying out. Although the products are quite expensive, it’s effective to maintain.

In a nutshell, Jheri curl in the present era unlike the time of the 80s, the hairstyle still requires time and effort. Everyone wants to experience this hairstyle no matter men or women. If you find the information above is useful, please share it with your friends. You can also find out more about other hairstyles at

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