How To Do A Partial Sew In Weave?


There will have a variety of things you need to think about when you want to wear a weave. They can be the texture, the length of weave, the color and the installation technique. Both partial weave and full weave are now popular in the market, but the application of partial weave is a little difficult. For this reason, this article will guide you into knowing how to do a partial sew in weave.

First and foremost, let’s find out what a partial weave is.

1. What Is Partial Weave?

Partial weave is a technique that you braid your hair and leave some strands to hide the tracks. You can add the weave by clip in method for this process. This means that you can add the weaves to the roots of your natural hair. The sew-in method is the most common method of partial weave. With this method, it won’t cover the whole head, just cover half of the head or crown. One of the major requirements when installing a partial weave is that you have the hair being long at the front to cover the tracks because short hair will not work well. Therefore, choosing a partial sew in weave that works for you is very important.

Partial Weave

2. Pros And Cons Of Partial Weave

Pros Of Partial Weave

  • It’s Natural

Partial weave is considered to be the most natural hairstyle. You will have a visible scalp which means that other people cannot realize you’re wearing a weave.

It's Natural

  • It’s Versatile

Furthermore, it’s versatile to give you the style you want. You can also leave your hair out at the back of your head to make high updos and ponytail.

Cons Of Partial Weave

  • Needs Maintenance

You have to take care of hair carefully because there are a lot of hair that’s left out; otherwise, your natural hair will be damaged and got breakage.

  • Blending Is An Issue

You can’t blend your hair easily, especially if your hair doesn’t have the same texture as the hair extension.

3. How To Do A Partial Sew In Style

  • Prep The Hair

Begin by washing and conditioning your hair because it will help to remain braids for weeks. Next, use medium heat to dry the hair to make sure the hair is untangled.

Prep The Hair

  • Choose The Parting

It’s very easy to make a partial weave. You just have to choose where you want to have the part, then let the braids flow away from the parting. You can decide to have the middle parting, side parting or even the whole front hairline area. When you know where the part will be, leave some of hair along the part you’ve chosen.

Keep on braiding the hair away from the partings. Ensure that the braids are secure but not too tight. You can also wear the mesh weave cap to keep all hair in place. A weave cap is very suitable for people who have a sensitive scalp. This is because it will keep the weave from the scalp.

  • Begin To Sew It In

You can start sewing in partial weave by using a curved sew in the needle with the thread. Start from the nape to the front parting. When the process is finished, you should tie the thread to secure the wefts.

Begin To Sew It In

  • Blend It In

Blend the weave with the hair you left out, then comb it to mix perfectly with your natural hair. Finally, spray the hair with moisturizing spray to keep moisture for your hair.

Blend It In

4. Different Partial Sew In Styles

With partial sew in weave, there are a lot of styles that you can try. Below are some of those styles.

  • Fill It In Style

This is a style you can try for partial weave. With this style, the sew-in has done at the top and crown part of the head. The nape area has no extension. This only focuses on the crown part to make the crown area look fuller.

Fill It In Style

  • Side Cornrow Style With Partial Curly Weave

Another partial sew in weave hairstyle is where you braid one side and sew on the other side to make a flawless look.

Side Cornrow Style With Partial Curly Weave

We have shown you some information about partial weave. If you find they are useful, please share this article with your friends. Besides, if you want to buy a good weave, Luxshinehair should be your option because they always supply hair extensions with high quality. Moreover, these extensions are designed in different textures, lengths and colors.

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