How To Curl Your Hair Without Using Heat


Curly hair is becoming a trend for the youth. However, many people think that they have to use heat tools to curl their straight hair. In fact, there are various ways to get curls without using heat tools like curling irons. You can pin curls, make buns or use cold rollers to style your hair in curly or wavy texture. In this article, we will introduce with you some easy methods to curl your hair without heat.

1. Trying Pin Curls

  • Start With Damp, Detangled Hair And Apply Styling Lotion

Wash and condition your hair as normal. When your hair is damp, use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair. Then, to get the curls faster, you should use your fingers to apply a small amount of styling lotion through your hair from the roots to the ends. You can also use lightweight mousse instead of styling lotion.

Start With Damp, Detangled Hair And Apply Styling Lotion

  • Separate The Section Of 1 Inch Of Hair Near Your Face

To make your pin curls look best, you should separate each section of hair to be approximately the same size. These 1-inch sections also help you wrap them easily.

  • Wrap The End Of The First Section 1-2 Times Around Your Finger

Place your hair ends against your finger, then loosely roll the hair a few times around it. Try to create a neat curl with the ends tucked in, which will make you look better when finishing.

  • Slip Your Finger Out Of The Curls And Wrap The Hair Up To Your Scalp

Slide your fingers carefully out of the loops you’ve just created, keeping your hair in curly shape. Then, roll the curl up your hair section until you touch your scalp. When you’ve done, you will see a circular curl staying close to your head.

Slip Your Finger Out Of The Curls And Wrap The Hair Up To Your Scalp

  • Secure The Curl With A Pin

Use a pin to keep the curl you just made in place. Pin-curl clips which are slightly curved can help your hair sit more comfortably against the scalp. Moreover, pins will help you curl your hair effectively without heat.


Secure The Curl With A Pin

  • Continue Curling Other Sections

Pin curling can take a while, so be patient when you do this. Like the first section, you do other sections the same way to get big and bouncy curls without using heat.

  • Let The Curls Dry Entirely, Then Remove The Pins

Pin curls are made at night allowing them to dry when you’re sleeping. When you wake up, you just have to remove the pins and you’ll have a glam look lasting all day.

2. Using Cold Rollers To Curl Hair Without Using Heat

  • Choose Wet-Set Rollers That Are Smaller Than The Curls You Like

Choose big rollers if you want big curls or add volume. Using small or medium rollers if you want tighter curls.

Choose Wet Set Rollers That Are Smaller Than The Curls You Like

  • Dampen Hair

Wash and condition the hair or simply spay it with water. If you start with wet hair, blot your hair gently with a towel until your hair is damp. If you start with damp hair, the curls will stay better, but if it is too wet, it will not dry completely until you put it in the rollers.Dampen Hair

  • Use A Wide-Toothed Comb To Detangle Your Hair

Run a wide-toothed comb gently through your damp hair to ensure it’s completely tangle-free. If there is any tangle in your hair, your curls will look messy, even it’ll be difficult to get the curly texture.

Use A Wide Toothed Comb To Detangle Your Hair

Remember not to brush your hair when it’s wet because it can lead to breakage.

  • Section Off A Small Piece Of Your Hair Near Your Face

Separate a piece of hair which has the same width as the roller. On the size facing from you, place the hair section vertically away from your head, then put the roller horizontally against the end of your hair. Roll the hair from your face upwards the scalp. Then, use included clips to secure the roller.

Section Off A Small Piece Of Your Hair Near Your Face

  • Continue To Roll The Top Section

The roller is one of the popular tools to curl hair without using heat. By following a pattern when rolling your hair, you will end up with a more symmetrical look, so keeping the sections apart will be easier. Start by rolling up your hair’s top section, then working back to your crown.

Continue To Roll The Top Section

  • Roll Your Hair On The Sides And Back To Finish

After the front section has been rolled, take other sections of hair. Keep the hair straight out of your head horizontally and put the roller at the end of your hair vertically. Roll the hair all the way to your scalp and secure it again.

  • Keep The Rollers In Place Until Your Hair Is Dry

Because this method doesn’t use heat, it will take a few hours for getting the curls. If you want your hair to dry faster, you can use a hairdryer with the coolest temperature.

  • Remove The Rollers

When your hair is completely dry, remove the clips from the rollers. If you want to have tighter curls, do this gently.

Remove The Rollers

In short, there are many ways to curl your hair without using heat tools. All methods above must help you have great curls without damaging your hair. However, choose the best suitable method is very important. If these information are useful, please share them with your friends.

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