How To Create Pink Short Bob Lace Wig With Watercolor Method?


Short and braided hairstyles are two favorite styles that almost people would like to choose for their summer days. Have you ever tried the short bob human hair wig to get a charming look? You are worried that dyeing may damage your hair? That must not be a big problem if you have good skill to color the hair and your extensions is made of human hair. There are many ways to color your hair, but, watercolor method is considered to be the faster and easier way to color your hair extensions. Today, let’s with us study how to get pink short bob lace wig with watercolor method.

What Do You Know About The Method Of Coloring Hair With Watercolor?

As the name, this is the method that you need to color your hair in water. For this method, the extensions are soaked in a bucket of hot water mixed with hair coloring. After soaking, the hair will quickly take on your desired hair coloring. This is a simple and effective way to dye your hair to a brighter color without painting each strand with hair coloring. Moreover, you can absolutely dye your hair with this method by yourself without having to ask for the help of hairstylists.

What Is The Method Of Coloring Hair With Watercolor

Change Blonde Short Human Hair Lace Wig To Hot Pink In 5 Minutes With Watercolor Method

All you need to prepare are two bottles of pink metal, one blonde human hair lace wig, a bowl, a spoon, a pair of gloves and some warm water. Now, follow our steps to get this beautiful hair.

Step 1: Take Your Hair From The Package

Before coloring the hair, you need to take the hair out of the bag and remove all the tag on the labels or rubbers on the hair. Use a wide-toothed comb to brush the hair from the bottom to the top. This step is to make sure all knots on hair are removed.

Take Your Hair From The Package

Step 2: Prepare Water For Coloring

Turn on the tap and pour some prepared warm water into the bowl or you can boil the cold water on the stove until it’s hot. Then, pull two bottles of pink metal to the water bowl. Use a plastic spoon or a blender to mix colors and water. You need to make sure that all color blocks are broken to avoid any uneven patches in the extensions.

Prepare Water For Coloring

Step 3: Drop Your Human Hair Lace Wig Directly To The Bowl

Drop your human hair bob lace wig into the water. Be careful that there has freeze spray on the lace to avoid tinting the lace in the pink. For the better result, you should use a spoon to stir the lace frontal wig in the water. This is to ensure that all extension strands are soaked in the water. In this process, if you want to get bolder color, you can pour another pink metal to the bowl and stir it in the same way with step two.

Drop Your Human Hair Lace Wig Directly To The Bowl

Step 4: Air Dry And Trim

Once the lace front wig changed into the color you want, you can take the hair out from the bowl. Put your extensions on the towel and let it air dry. After the hair is totally dry, you can trim and style your hair as you want.

Air Dry And Trim

Advantages Of Coloring Wigs With Watercolor Method

Save Time

Thanks to this method with extensions, you don’t need to spend time on waiting for many hours at a hair salon. You can do other works while soaking the hair in water.

Save Money

Regular visits with a hairstylist took you a lot of money, right? Now, with just a small budget, you can achieve your desired hair color by yourself whenever you want.

Effective Look

Although you are not a hairstylist, you can get your favorite hair color easily. This method is not only uncomplicated but also gives you evenly colored locks. Therefore, no one knows that you dyed your hair by yourself.

Less Damage

Unlike dyeing hair at the hair salons that your scalp has to be exposed to chemicals, with this method and the extensions, you don’t need to worry that it affects your health. Moreover, the dye is mixed with water so it reduces the toxicity of the dye. Hence, it will cause less damage to your extensions.

Despite these advantages, you shouldn’t color your wigs regularly with this method. This is  because it can damage your hair. In other words, there are some unavoidable risks if you color your hair with watercolor too frequently. Why’s that? Overdoing it can lead to brittle strands that are prone to breakage and split ends. This is especially true when you use bleach or some other permanent dye types to lighten your hair because they exposed the hair’s cortex, making the hair more vulnerable to breakage. However, we cannot deny that quality products are safe if they are used correctly and not too often.

So, How Often Should You Dye Your Lace Wigs With Watercolor Method?

In Case You Just Do A Root Touch-Up

You can relax if you just touch up your roots because the roots of your extensions are undamaged by the previous dye. You are not going to end up with damaged-looking hair. The average time between every root touch-up is about four to six weeks. If you want to stretch it out a little longer, eight weeks is the maximum amount of time for you. It’s not recommended to do a touch-up sooner than every four weeks since the hair dyeing process is painful for the hair cuticles.

In Case You Do The Full Head

Compared to directly color your natural hair, wearing human hair wigs must be a good choice if you want to change up your style. This is because dyeing your hair too frequently can lead to extremely damaged hair. If you are planning on doing full head dye jobs to change up your look, try to give your wigs a break between dyes. It should be eight weeks for the next dye. Keep in mind that the longer you can hold off, the better the hair is. Especially, if your extensions is dry and damaged, you should put off dyeing as long as possible.

How To Keep Hair Healthy 

Wash Your Hair Less Frequently

The more you wash, the quicker your color will fade and the more damage your hair gets. Therefore, it’s necessary to skip the frequent washing. The best way to care for your hair is to wash only twice or three times a week.

Moisturize Your Hair

Colored hair gets thirsty, so you need to provide it as much moisture as possible. Deep conditioning products like masks and hair oils will be your close friends to fight back against damage.

Protect From The Heat

Curling irons and flat irons might be must-have tools for styling your hair, but they can take their toll on color. You can limit the damage they cause by applying a small amount of heat protectant before using those tools. They help your colored hair stay moisturized and shiny.

In a brief, there are many ways to get your healthy hair back after dyeing and bleaching. But, the most important thing is taking care of your hair carefully.  

We have shown you some information about dyeing your hair with watercolor method. This is a quick, easy and simple method to color your human hair extensions and lace wig, right? Any more details, contact us.


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