How many Bundles do you need with a Frontal for Hair Extensions?


If you are going to use hair bundles with frontal for your hair extensions, you may know that this combination is one of the most popular choice all over the globe. Many girls have their hair extended at home by themselves, suggesting that it is quite simple to give it a try. This article aims to help you answer the question: How many bundles do you need with a frontal?

How well do you know about bundles and frontals?

Bundles and frontal

Hair bundle (or also called as weave hair bundles) is a wefted hair piece which standardly weighs 100 grams. Each bundle is commonly 10″ – 32″ long; however, you could see those with longer size, depending on the users’ interest.

All hair locks in a bundles shall be fixed by a weft and you will sew in or stick into your natural hair along this weft.

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A hair frontal is a 13×4” piece of hair which all strands are attached on a lace of a silk. Each frontal stretches from ear to ear.

Compared to a 4×4” closure which is also in common use, a frontal is about 3 times larger. Therefore, you will need less hair weave bundles with a frontal than that with a closure. At the same time, you can part your hair at every position you wish.

A hair frontal has the same components as a closure but its size is bigger (13×4” standardly). A frontal spreads from ear to ear and generally goes well with 2 or 3 weave bundles.

What shall decide the number of needed hair bundles with frontal?

“One size fits all” should not be applied here. You would better spend some time considering the points below to know the number of your own.

The hair texture

Weave hair extensions

Generally speaking, wavy and curly hair looks much voluminous than straight hair. More complicated, the thickness of each curly hair type clearly differentiates it from other ones. For example, loose curly hair looks obviously thinner than deep curly one. The same stories could happen with variable kinds of straight hair and wavy hair.

How long are the bundles?

Regarding the weave bundles’ length, the longer the hair bundles, the bigger quantity you should prepare. You are suggested to have more bundles to have a fuller look from root to end.

What is your head size?

To simply know your head size, wrap a measuring tape around your head from ear to ear and determine the circumference. In average, head size of global women is from 22 – 23 inches. In case your head’s size is out of the range above, you should think of adjusting the number of needed hair bundles.

How is your original hair?

You may think that your natural hair is not relevant; but in fact, it is. Remember that your hair extensions will be sewn on natural braids base. Therefore, you should consider your natural hair’s volume not to weigh the hair down.

How many bundles do you need with a frontal for hair extensions?

22inch bundles

Here we give you some advises based on hair bundles length.

If you are planning on 8-12 inches, you could think of a combination of 2 bundles with a frontal.

For hair bundles from 14 or 18 inches, it is suggested that you get 3 bundles and a closure deal; while 4 bundles could be good with the length from 20 to 26”.

In general, we recommend you to have 2-3 bundles for a naturally voluminous look and 3-4 bundles for even thicker hair. As introduced above, the number should change depending in 3 other factors which are hair texture, hair length and your head size.

Now you have more useful suggestion to answer your enquiry “How many bundles do you need with a frontal?” to be ready for a new amazing appearance. Please keep following us for more interesting hair tips.


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