How To Decide Whether You Should Get Bangs Or No Bangs


It is very exciting to change your hairstyle. You don’t need to dye or cut your hair, bangs can give you a new look in a short amount of time. However, a lot of people wonder whether they should give bangs or no bangs for their hair because they require time and energy spent on daily styling. If you are ready to get bangs, remember to consider which type of bangs is suitable for your hair, face, and lifestyle. If done well, fringes are certainly worth the trouble. Today, we will show you all you need to do before deciding to have them or not. 

1. Analyzing Your Face To Determine Whether You Should Get Bangs or No Bangs

  • Measure The Length And Width Of Your Face

This step will help you rule out certain shapes of the face and help you get a general sense of your look. If you need help, let’s use a mirror and a tape to measure. If your face is equally wide, you would most likely fall into the category of round, square, or heart-shaped. In contrast, if your face is long, you may fall into the oval, square, or heart-shaped faces. An oval-shaped face is considered to be the most ideal face shape for all hairstyles.

Measure The Length And Width Of Your Face

  • Consider Your Jawline

The jawline is the lowest part of your face. This part runs from your lower ears and ends at your chin. A pointed jawline forms a V-shape. A round jawline is more circular which looks for more rounded edges while a square jawline looks angular which forms very clear lines defining the bottom of the face.

  • Observe Your Forehead And Hairline

It’s important to determine whether this area is broad or narrow. For comparison, you can use other areas of your face. For example, if your forehead is larger than other parts of your face, you have a wide forehead. Your hairline, on the other hand, can come inward and make your forehead look narrow compared to the other areas on your face.

Observe Your Forehead And Hairline

  • Choose The Right Bangs For Your Face

Your hairstyle will accentuate your eyes and make your face look oval. Because your hair frames your face, the fringes will add an extra dimension to your look. You can ask for any type of bangs, but it is best to choose a type that can flatter your natural features. Round faces are best suited to thick and choppy bangs that create hard angles on the face. They may be lying on the forehead or swooping across the side. For round faces, the majority of stylists don’t suggest fringes that are cut across the forehead.

Thick And Choppy Bangs For Round Faces

Heart-shaped faces do well with side-swept and straight across bangs.

Side Swept And Straight Across Bangs

Oval shaped faces are the easiest shape to work with. It means that most cuts can be pulled off with oval faces. Go for fringes that reach between eyebrows and eyelashes. With the fringes which are longer on the edges, you can wear them in front or swept them to the side.

Oval Shaped Faces

Square faces need bangs that can soften the angles of the face, especially the forehead. With square faces, you can consider choosing shorter side-swept bangs or even frontal fringes with a center part. On the other hand, you should not try ones that make a line across the forehead.

Square Faces

Diamond-shaped faces often require side-swept styles. They can vary from short and thick to a long swoop across the face. Avoid any bangs that are cut across the forehead.

Diamond Shaped Faces

2. Testing The New Look

  • Use Your Own Hair To Simulate Bangs

It isn’t going to absolutely accurate but can be an interesting way to see what a small change in your face looks like. Tie your hair into a ponytail or half ponytail, then lift the hair ends to your forehead. Next, adjust the length to test the different looks. Use the hair at the front part and pin it sideways. Split your hair in the middle and tie your sides to look like curtain fringes. Besides, you can create a side part and flatten your hair over your face. To try out a side bang look, pin the ends.

Use Your Own Hair To Simulate Bangs

  • Use A Wig

This can give you a more accurate look with bangs than using your own hair because wig hair extensions look like your real hair. Moreover, when you buy wigs, you can freely choose length, texture, and color you want. Contact for getting wig hair extensions with the best quality.

Use A Wig

  • Use A Website

With modern technology, you can try on searching for a website that can do virtual hairstyles. So, you can upload your own picture and try on different ones.

Use A Website

Fringes is an important part that affects your appearance so that let’s try to make it look as beautiful as possible. After reading this article, remember to analyze your face before deciding if you should get bangs or not. Thanks for reading!


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