How 30 Inch Hair Extensions Change Your Look


Nowadays, there are many ways to help you get a new appearance if you have thin or short hair. Wearing hair extensions is considered to be the most effective way because it can minimize the damage causing to your own hair that is completely different from chemical treatments like dyeing, bleaching or styling. How do you feel if you can change your recent hairstyle with 30 inch length hair? In this article, let’s find out about 30 inch hair extensions. You may be surprised with its features.

1. What Is 30 Inch Hair Extensions?

The length of 30 inch is one of the longest sizes of hair extensions which is measured when the hair is straightened. Many girls want to have this hair length because it can make them look outstanding. Hair is very long, which is about 75 centimeters so it can pass over your back. With this length, you can style your hair anyway you want. Some girls have this length with their real hair but sometimes they can be not beautiful and smooth. However, 30 inch hair extensions of Beequeenhair will help you solve this problem.

30 Inch Hair Extensions

2. Textures Of 30 Inch Hair Extensions

Many women think that 30 inch hair extensions look the most stunning when they’re straightened. However, that’s not true. In fact, they are not only suitable for straight hair but also fit other textures. No matter how straight, wavy or curly, these hair extensions are always smooth and burnished. Many people are surprised at their charm and attraction. There are many different textures for your choices such as natural straight, natural wavy, deep curly, deep wavy, body wavy, water wavy and many others.

Textures Of 30 Inch Hair Extensions

3. Pros And Cons Of 30 Inch Hair Extensions

  • Pros Of 30 Inch Hair Length

Firstly, with hair extensions of 30 inches, you can get the sexiness. Secondly, 30 inch hair is considered to be long hair so you can freely style your hair in any way, shape or form you want.

  • Cons Of 30 Inch Hair Length

As you know, the longer the hair is, the harder it is to keep the ends healthy. Therefore, this length expect more split ends and thin ends than shorter length hair extensions. Another con that you should consider is costs for upkeep. This is because washing long hair will require more product and drying times than normal.

4. Important Rules For Caring 30 Inch Hair Extensions

To prevent and minimize damage to your hair extensions and natural hair, you need to keep in mind 3 care tips below.

  • Be Gentle

No matter your hair extensions are authentic hair, it’s essential to take care of them carefully. Brushing your hair with a wide-toothed comb might be helpful. You can also gently brush your hair with fingers. However, avoid brushing wet hair extensions which can lead to tangling and shedding.

Be Gentle

  • Choose Right Hair Care Products

Choosing hair care products is an important step that directly affect the hair quality so that you have to be careful when choosing. Especially, avoid products which contains harsh chemicals because they can cause harmful for hair extensions. Besides, you shouldn’t apply a lot of olive oil to your hair extensions of 30 inch. This can make your hair look greasy.

Choose Right Hair Care Products

  • Store Hair Extensions

One of the special things of using hair extensions is that they are reusable. You should store them in an empty shoe box or a storage bag designed for extensions after using. Remember that the lifespan of hair extensions depends on the way you care for them. Therefore, you should take time to care for them properly. This can even help you save a lot of money.

Store Hair Extensions

5. Types Of Beequeenhair’s 30 Inch Hair Extensions

Beequeenhair is one of the top hair extensions suppliers in Vietnam. Their products are not only 100% made of Remy hair but also various in length, textures and types. When using hair extensions of Beequeenhair, you don’t need to worry about any problems. With 30 inch length size, besides traditional types like bulk hair or weft hair for wholesalers, they also supply many other types.

As far as you know, nowadays, clip in hair extensions are very popular on the market because they are convenient and easy to use. Tape in hair extensions are also commonly used because you can easily put and take them off. Especially, they can be reused by changing sticky tapes. Besides, if you like sewn-in hair types, we recommend you use lace closure, lace frontal or wig hair extensions. These types can even give you a more natural look. Another type you can try is keratin hair that has 4 variations named I-tip, U-tip, V-tip and Flat tip hair extensions.

In conclusion, with the information above, do you want to own 30 inch hair extensions? Please contact to get help and the best products. Thanks for reading!


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