Why your hair looks fried?


Why your hair looks fried while you still take care your hair by using conditioner daily? You can find some useful answers here

You Use Too Much Shampoo

You’ve probably already heard that unless your hair is very greasy, daily washing can strip away the natural oils that leave hair looking glossy. The detergents in shampoo do an excellent job of removing the oils that build up at your roots, but they could dry out the rest of your hair. Use just enough shampoo to work up a decent lather and work it only into your scalp, never your ends.

Your Conditioner Has the Consistency of Skim Milk

If you pour your conditioner out of a bottle, it’s probably not rich enough to do more than detangle your hair. For serious hair-smoothing, look for a deep conditioner that’s packaged in a tub or tube


You Never Air-Dry

Heat-styling ruffles the cuticle, or outer layer, of the hair shaft; without a glossy coating, the strands can’t reflect light and look dull and rough. Summer is the perfect time to pack up the blow-dryer.

Blot hair with a towel to absorb excess water then use either a styling cream if your hair is wavy or curly and relatively thick or a moisturizing mousse if your hair is straight and relatively fine.

You’re Using the Wrong Styling Products

When your hair looks dry and lackluster, gels and sprays can compound the problem by leaving a film behind. Silky serums and rich creams are a better choice for smoothing and adding shine.

You’re Too Cozy with Your Colorist

If you’re dying your hair more than every eight weeks, you’re weakening each strand, making it more susceptible to breakage. To extend your time between appointments, don’t veer more than two or three shades from your natural color and never put permanent dye or bleach on previously colored hair.

But You Rarely Get a Cut

It takes only about six weeks for the ends of your hair to start to fray. If you want your style to look healthy and fresh, don’t go more than two months between trims.

You Jump in the Pool with Dry Hair

Dry hair will soak up a lot of the chlorine that can leave your hair parched and your color brassy. For extra protection, after a quick pre-swim rinse, comb a little conditioner through and secure your hair in a low bun before you dive in. And the simple way to protect your hair is wearing a swimming cap.

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