Hair Bundles Deal And The Secrets You Want To Discover


Summertime is a great time for you to start rocking a new hairstyle. The easiest way to do this is using hair extension bundles deal. However, what do you know about them? Here’s our guide on bundles deal of hair extensions. Keep on reading for getting full of information.

What Is Bundles Deal?

Hair bundles is one of the most common terminologies in the hair industry. Whenever you talk about hair extensions, you’ll always hear people mention about the term bundles. But, how about bundles deal? What is it?

Well, bundles deal is a set of hair extensions consisting of 3 packs of high-quality weave hair extensions and a closure or frontal.

What Is Bundles Deal

For bundles of weave hair extensions, we choose the hair from 8 inch to 22 inch. In which, each bundle weighs 100 grams.

For closure and frontal, it is from 8 inch to 18 inch that matches the weaves’ length perfectly for full application.

Why Is Virgin Hair Bundles With Closure So Popular?

Virgin hair bundles with closure has become a new trend in the hair market. Have you ever wondered why they are so popular? Read on to know why virgin hair bundles are so popular like that.

Why Is Virgin Hair Bundles With Closure Is So Popular

  • High Quality

Because the hair is made from virgin hair, it always looks attractive and natural as your own hair. It means that you can absolutely style or dye these bundles into your favorite color. Ombre hair is now a new trend of the youth. Have you ever try it? The two-tone hair color will bring you a completely different look compared to your natural black hair. If you want, let’s try ombre blue bundles with closure body wave.

  • Protect Your Hair

A closure is covered by a lace mesh, so it can protect your natural hair. Whether you dye your wig or using styling chemicals, your own hair will be out of reach and not be damaged. Besides, your natural hair is not at risk of being thin or brittle.

  • Seamless Installation

With lace closures, installing your virgin hair bundles deal is just a piece of cake. Lace closures provide you a natural appearance of your scalp. Therefore, it’s difficult for others to realize whether it is your natural hair or not. Particularly, if you installed them appropriately, your virgin human hair will look as if it grows from your scalp.

  • Versatility

The closures are versatile, so you can blend them well with your natural hair. In detail, they come in various colors and textures, hence, you can choose one that blends with your hair.

  • Flexibility

No matter how your hair is, closures are applicable for your hair. Because the closures protect your real hair, your hair can get rid of breakage and shedding.

How To Wear Bundles Deal?

When you get familiar with applying hair extensions, you can absolutely put them by yourself. However, if you use them for the first time, we recommend you to go to a hair salon to have a stylist install bundles.

Some people choose to cut the bundles into manageable pieces while others sew it into a braided base. Besides cutting the bundles, you can install your bundles in different methods like sew-in method or glue in method (also well-known as quick weave). With these methods, your extensions will be kept securely so that the extensions cannot fall down. It’s a shame that your extensions slip out of your hair when you are attending a party and other people recognize that you are wearing hair extensions, right?

So, between sew in weave and quick weave, which one is better for you? Let’s read our comparison here.

How To Wear Bundles Deal

How Many Bundles Do You Need For A Full Head?

The number of bundles depends on the hairstyle, size and shape of your head. However, there is a general standard for this. If your extensions are from 8 to 22 inches in length, three weave bundles and a closure or frontal are enough for a full, glamorous look. On the other hand, if you want to sew in longer hair with 24 inch hair extensions, you will even need about four bundles.

You may want to consider more things before ordering your bundles such as the size of your head, how full you would like your hair and the hairstyle you are going for.

How Many Bundles Do You Need For A Full Head

How many Bundles do you need with a Frontal for Hair Extensions?

How To Take Care Of Hair Extension Bundles Deal

When you spend your hard-earned money on bundles of extensions, you always want it to look as nice as possible. Although you buy virgin Remy hair, over time the hair might start to dull, break or tangle if you give it the improper care. Therefore, no matter what type of hair you purchase, your bundles need as much care as your natural hair. That’s why you need to find out the right care tips for your hair bundles deal.

Your hair care products are the first important factor affecting your desired look and your hair’s health. So, remember to find the right hair care products from reliable brands to keep your bundles always healthy.

Sometimes, you may think that detangling and washing is the simplest steps of hair care process, BUT, damages will occur if you don’t do it properly. Besides, as you know, heat tools are something you must steer away because of their negative impacts to your extensions. Here are just a few tips for caring your bundles deal, follow our website to find out more details.

How To Take Care Of Hair Extension Bundles Deal

How To Find A Good Bundles Deal Supplier

Finding a good hair bundle supplier is one of the most important things you need to concern about. If your hair supplier isn’t reliable or trustworthy, you will have terrible hair. Because your appearance depends on your extensions, you must find a hair supplier that is reliable.

So, how to find the best bundles deal supplier? Hair supplier’s stability is the key factor when choosing the best hair bundles. Find hair suppliers who have been in business for a long time without changing the business name every few years like Luxshinehair company.

Hair bundles deals in Luxshinehair

Besides, a hair supplier with a solid reputation should have customer reviews. So, before purchasing hair extensions from any brand, pay attention to the reviews of their customers. If you find a company with the most positive reviews, it must be a good supplier.

Moreover, you need to consider whether they supply Virgin hair, Remy hair or Synthetic hair, which directly affects the quality of your bundles.

We have shown you all information about human hair bundles deal, hopefully, they are useful for you. Contact us if you have any questions.

Thanks so much for reading!


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