Important Guide to V-tip Hair Extensions


Nowadays, V tip hair is truly an amazing product because it will be attached fixedly to your natural hair durably. However, its price seems to be higher than other types of hair extensions such as bulk hair extensions and weave hair extensions. In this article, we will show you some important information about V-tip hair extensions.

Firstly, let us show you what V-tip hair is.

1. What Is V-Tip Hair?

V-tip hair extension refers to a kind of hair extension with the tips of the V-shaped hair strands bound with keratin. The application process of this hair extension requires a specialized tool to melt the tip of keratin. V-tip hair extensions are very flat so it can be applied and remove easily.

What Is V Tip Hair

2. Textures of V-Tip Hair

V-tip hair extensions include a variety of textures such as straight, wavy or curly hair. You can style any hairstyle as you like without damaging your natural hair.

3. The Application

Keratin extensions are found in individual strands. Use of individual V-tip hair extensions is required for this process. You may use special hair extensions fusion iron on your natural hair when heating the bond. The bond consists of a special durable protein glue made from keratin. So, this method works particularly well on fine hair as it will not slip the way individuals with micro-links can. These hair extensions last approximately 4 to months and are removed with a special removal solution to break the hardened bond. V-tip hair extensions are applied to add amazing length and volume to your natural hair. When you do them right, they can last a long time and make you look great.

4. Tips To Get Perfect V-tip Hair Extensions

  • Brushing

You should brush your hair 2 to times a day before showering or washing hair. Hold the roots of your hair and start to brush in a downward motion. It is very important to brush your hair in a gentle way.


  • Washing

Don’t over-wash your hair. You should wash your hair as rarely as possible and use a dry shampoo to remove oils. There are some certain hard or mineral water, which can deteriorate hair condition.


  • Moisturizing

Apply any oils or sprays down from the mid-shaft. Conditioners are great care for hair extensions, especially when they are dry.


  • Protecting hair when sleeping

You should avoid sleeping with wet hair. Dry your hair naturally, then braid or tie it in a loose ponytail so that your hair will not be tangled and shedding.

Protecting Hair When Sleeping

5. Pros and Cons Of Keratin Hair Extensions

a. Pros of Keratin Hair Extensions

  • They can last for 6 months.

With keratin hair extensions, you only need to go to the professional stylist once. He or she will tie or glue them together, as a result, your hair extension will last very long.

  • Maintenance Costs Are Low

You don’t need to keep going to the salon because the hair will last for months as long as you care for it as your natural hair. If you want to add volume or look thicker, you can go to the keratin bond hair extensions salon for a few more strands.

b. Cons of Keratin Hair Extensions

  • They Damage Your Natural Hair

Actually, extensions of the keratin hair can damage real hair. Nonetheless, if the application process is done correctly, it’s difficult to damage your hair. Therefore, it mostly depends on your stylist.

  • They Are Expensive

You should be aware of the cost of the strands and the application process. When the time for the keratin hair is up, you have to go to the salon again, which will make the cost higher.

  • The Application Process Takes Time

The application process for keratin bond extensions, especially V-tip hair extensions can take around 2 hours. During the process, you can’t do anything but wait for the expert to get done.

6. V-Tip Hair Of Luxshinehair

Luxshinehair is considered to be one of the top suppliers of hair extensions delivering high-quality V-tip hair extension products. V-tip hair extensions of beequeenhair are absolutely made of high-quality natural Remy hair of Vietnamese women. Luxshinehair provides various textures, colors and lengths for these hair extensions.

V Tip Hair Of Luxshinehair

Besides V-tip hair extensions, beequeenhair also supplies other tip hair extensions. Contact and you will have the best hair extensions.



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