Guide To U-Tip Hair Extensions


Nowadays, looking for the right hair extensions method becomes a difficult process because there are many types of hair extensions that make you confusing. In this article, we will discuss about U-tip hair extensions – a popular type of hair extensions around the world. You can easily distinguish this method among other similar methods such as I-tip hair extensions, V-tip hair extensions and flat tip hair extensions. So now, let’s keep following the information about U-tip hair extensions that you may need.

1. What Does U-Tip Hair Extension Mean?

U-tip hair extension is one of the most popular methods which is used by hair extension professionals. It is a type of human hair extension that is shaped like letter U.  U-tip hair extension is a form of hair extension applied to the hair by heating up the tip of keratin found at the end of the extension. This method is also called hot fusion hair extensions. The use of keratin as a hair extension application has been around for many years. U-tip hair extensions are long term hair extensions that you can wear for several months.

U Tip Hair Extension

2. The Application Of U-Tip Hair Extensions

To apply U-tip hair extensions, at first, the hair must be washed with a clarifying shampoo to remove all chemicals from daily silicone-based shampoos and restore the hair back to its most natural and healthy state. When your hair is absolutely dried, you can begin the application process.

Take small hair sections that should be in a V shape and equal to the size of U-tip. A specialist disk can be used for precision purposes as a handy tool and to secure the scalp. Then, the keratin tips at the hairline must be melted with a heated fusion applicator. As the keratin begins to cool, use your fingers to move the keratin around your hair, making sure you close the top and bottom of the bond, securing the extension of your hair for the long-lasting bond. This process takes about an hour and a half to apply a full head of hair extensions.

Apply U Tip Hair Extensions

3. The Benefits Of These Hair Extensions

  • U-tip hair extensions are made of original Italian keratin so they are kind to the hair and don’t cause damage.
  • The heat from the hot fusion application extension tool reaches the hair for few seconds and is not as hot as normal curling and flat iron; therefore, it won’t cause damage to the hair.
  • In addition to the ability to apply the tips very close to the hairline, the strand-by-strand application system ensures the bonds will be virtually undetectable for the most natural-looking results.
  • The fusion method of application can be secured and long lasting.

4. Why Should You Choose U-Tip Hair Extensions Of Luxshinehair?

Luxshinehair is proud of being one of the most famous hair extension suppliers around the world. They are known for high-quality hair extensions. U-tip hair extensions are one of the bestseller products of Luxshinehair because of its price and easy application process. Here are some reasons why U-tip hair extensions of Luxshinehair should be your choice.

  • Luxshinehair supplies keratin hair extensions with the best quality; therefore, it’s completely safe for your hair.
  • You don’t have to worry about any problems happening to your hair such as tangling or shedding because their products are 100% Vietnamese natural Remy hair and they also check every single product with caution.
  • This hair is shiny, soft, smooth and strong enough for dying, styling and even bleaching.
  • If you give them good care, they can last very long.
  • You can always have a trendy and glamorous hairstyle with various U-tip hair extensions that we provide.

U Tip Hair Extensions Of Luxshinehair

In short, you have just read all necessary information about U-tip hair extensions. They may break your confused about choosing which type of hair extensions is the best. We hope that it’s useful for you when you want to wear U-tip hair extensions. Follow website if you want to get hair extension of high quality. Even, when you just want to get advice from Luxshinehair, their staffs must be enthusiastic to help you. In fact, nothing is for sure but Luxshinehair must satisfy you with their products and their staffs’ attitude. Remember to share this article with your friends. Thanks so much!


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