Necessary Guide To Buy Good Bulk Hair Extensions


Bulk hair is considered to be the most basic and traditional type of hair extensions. It is the top choices of wholesalers and traders which is used to make a lot of different types of hair extensions to meet customer’s demands. In this article, let us show you all things about bulk hair extensions,  especially how to choose the best bulk hair extensions. In fact, this will be useful information for your hair extensions.

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1. What Are Bulk Hair Extensions?

Bulk hair refers to a loose hair with no weft which is called a bundled hair in a simple term. These hair extensions are divided into small bundles and closely attached to specialized twins to ensure the hair is securely and neatly fixed. The special feature of bulk hair is that it’s not fixed by tips, laces or weft with different images. Bulk hair extension is one of the most natural and original forms to retain the longest size and biggest volume.

Bulk Hair Extensions

2. How and Where To Buy Good Bulk Hair Extensions?

Bulk hair extensions are considered to be good when it meets standards of figure and quality. Luxshinehair is the supplier that can meet all your requirements when buying good bulk hair extensions.

Clear Origin

Origin is the thing that determines whether hair can be as good as it can be for making different hair extensions or not. With Luxshinehair’s bulk hair, you don’t have to worry about its origin. All Luxshinehair’s input sources have a derivation from 100% Vietnam Remy hair and are checked thoroughly before they become hair extensions. The hair looks as natural as possible because all of hair donors are girls with beautiful hair without styling or using chemicals.

High Quality

With the benefits of good hair origin, Luxshinehair is proud to produce high quality products such as bulk hair extensions. Hair is checked regularly to ensure there is no lice, nits or tangles. This helps to ensure hair is never mixed with synthetic hair, animal hair as well as other unclear hair sources. In addition, the manufacturing of bulk hair is without toxic chemicals. Modern technology and skilled workers are also important keys for making best quality hair extensions.

Hair Figure

If you are considering to buy bulk hair extensions, aesthetic is very important. No one wants hair extensions with hideous and boring images so that the figure of bulk hair is also varied with different textures, length sizes and colors to meet customers’ demands.

Hair Figure

Different Textures

Bulk hair also include a lot of textures such as straight, wavy, curly, fumi and so on. Each texture has its own characters and can show various images for the wearer.

Different Textures

Ideal Length Sizes

Every customer will have different demands depending on their favorite hairstyles. Luxshinehair also supplies hair extensions in various length sizes of hair from 6 inches to 32 inches. They can be longer for the special orders. However, many people are confusing when choosing and describing their desired length to the sellers. It means that the sellers can be misunderstanding, as a result, you will not get your desired length. In this situation, let’s refer some advice when considering to choose hair length in chart. It must be useful for you. Therefore, no matter how long, short, thin or thick your hair is, bulk hair can still meet your needs.

Ideal Length Sizes

Impressive Colors

Luxshinehair is various with beautiful and natural colors of hair extensions. For those like soft and natural colors, black, jet black or tones of dark brown can be great choices for them. On the other hand, tones of light brown, cold color, blonde, even red can be wonderful suggestions for girls who love more outstanding images.

Impressive Colors

3. How Long Do Bulk Hair Extensions Last?

If you use synthetic hair or bad quality hair extensions, bulk hair just lasts in a short time. They can be fallen, cut off or shortened after a while using. Moreover, their smell will be terrible when you let it be exposed to high temperatures. These bulk hair can even make your real hair damage or look worse. However, these above problems will never happen if you use bulk hair extensions of Luxshinehair. You can keep them for around 2 to 3 years with proper care and maintenance.

Bulk Hair Extensions Of Luxshinehair

In short, we hope that all the aforementioned information will help you much to choose good hair extensions. Thanks so much for reading!


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