A Guide On Everything About A Quick Weave


Nowadays, more and more people use quick weave because wearing a quick weave is very easy. However, not everyone knows how to use it, how to care for their quick weave hair extension. In this article, you will know exactly about quick weave such as how long a quick weave lasts, how to do a quick weave on a cap and how to care it.

Quick Weave

Firstly, we will show you the definition of a quick weave.

1/ What Is A Quick Weave?

Everyone wants to have hair extensions but they can be costly and time-consuming. Quick weave hairstyles are great options for an effective change in minutes. If you do it properly and use the right tools such as a thick weave cap, the quick weave will not be damaged.

What Is A Quick Weave

2/ How Long Does a Quick Weave Last?

How long does a quick weave last” is a common question of most people before making the decision to buy hair extensions. A quick weave often lasts for 4-5 weeks depending on many factors such as your hair texture, how well the hair is and how well you take care of it. With the proper care process, it can last longer. Owing to over brushing and over combing, the virgin curly, kinky curly and bushy textures tend not to last as long as the straight and natural wavy.

How Long Does A Quick Weave Last

3/ How To Do a Quick Weave On A Cap?

Many people wonder how to do a quick weave on a cap, these following steps will help you deal with your problem.

  • Firstly, don’t forget to use warm water and a conditioner to wash your natural hair. Shampoos help to keep your hair clean and free from oil. This helps to keep the cap firmly attached to the scalp. When using the wig for too long, your hair is not damaged. You also need to have moisturizers applied to your hair to prevent dry hair.

Clients Hair Is Being Reconditioned

  • The hair must be braided in a honeycomb shape. Begin from the back of the head and go up slowly to the top of the head. Attached the round curls with bobby pins to the head. Braiding the hair in a honeycomb shape gives a firm structure to your hair. This will help keep your hair from long being damaged by wigs.
  • Next, put the cap on top of the stocking. This is an important part of the process of wearing a quick weave on a cap because it will protect your hair from hair glue. Stocking cap too wide will make hair weaving uncertainly when putting on the head, besides, your hair is also put glue stick on. When the stocking cap puts pressure on your head, it means the stocking cap is too tight, which binds the blood vessels on your head.

Put The Cap On Top Of The Stocking.

  • Take out the hair weave from the package and carefully place it over the head. Beginning from the back of the head, it is important to extend the hair weave towards the sides of the neck. To suit the hairline, you need to set the hair weave to get the most complete outcome of how to make a quick weave with a cap. Eventually, inspect the additional parts and remove the trimmer. We suggest you cut your bangs 2 to 3 centimeters. In addition, you can also trim the hair side if necessary.
  • Apply the stocking cap with glue. Then slowly weave the hair on the head so the wig will stick. You should slowly stick to the circular motion from the top of the stick. Remember you’re using enough glue to get the wig to stick on and glue under the hairline to give the wig a natural look.Apply The Stocking Cap With Glue
  • Lastly, wait for the glue to dry for 3 minutes. Do not forget to check again to see if there is not enough glue in any part of the cap, if any, slowly put more in and let them dry. Now you have finished with how to do a quick weave on a cap.

4/ How To Care For Weave Hair Extension

  • Use Top Quality Care Products: Be gentle when you brush your hair. Without proper treatment, your hair extensions will get damaged quickly. Treat this hair just as if it were your own hair. Use good quality shampooing and conditioning products to keep your hair soft. Conditioning your hair is very important to keep it soft and manageable so use leave-in conditioners.

Use Top Quality Care Products

  • Wash with moisturizing hair care products: Wash your extensions with moisturizing hair care products a maximum of 3 times per week. Because your extensions don’t get natural oils from your scalp to keep your hair in good condition, this will keep moisture from shampoos while not drying them out of over-shampoos at the same time.

Wash With Moisturizing Hair Care Products

  • Use a heat protectant: On hair extensions to reduce the risk of heat damage when using a heated appliance on your hair. Be careful when using blow dryers, flat iron and curling iron. It’s best to let your hair dry naturally. The more you use it, the less your hair extensions last. It’s best to start at the ends of your hair and avoid any tangles.

Use A Heat Protectant


We hope that these information above help you much on using a quick weave. Follow website beequeenhair.com to know more details.


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