Guide On How To Use A Curling Iron


Curling irons are very popular with hairdressers. Using curling irons helps to create curly textures which can give a new and stunning look so that most of the girls like this. Curling irons are used to create tight, formal curls, big waves or thick tube curls. You can easily get your desired curly texture from big to small curls depending on the curling iron. Here is guide on how to curl your hair with a basic curling iron that you should follow to get the best look and some curling iron mistakes you should avoid.

1. How To Use A Curling Iron

  • Heat Up The Curling Iron

Turn on the curling iron is a must-have step when you want to curl your hair. The curling tool will be the most effective if you set it at low temperature with fine hair and higher temperature with thicker hair. However, you should remember that your hair will prone to get breakage and split ends if the temperature of the curling tool is too hot. Of course, lowest temperature will damage your hair less. Another important thing is to check it before contacting it to your hair.

  • Brush Your Hair Thoroughly

This helps to make sure that your curls are in form and there are no tangles. Besides, before curling your hair, you should check whether your hair is dry or not. If you curl your hair when it is wet, it will be burned easily.

Brush Your Hair Thoroughly

  • Apply Heat Protectant To Your Hair

This product is often used to spray onto your hair. Heat protectants will penetrate into each strand to add shine and prevent damage at high temperatures of curling irons.

Apply Heat Protectant To Your Hair

  • Separate Your Hair Into Sections

Using clips to separate your hair easier. This helps to separate the only hair hanging has either been curled or the next section of hair curled.

Separate Your Hair Into Sections

  • Working In Sections, Curl Your Hair

The next step of using a curling iron is to wrap each section of your hair around the heat tool. Remember not to overlap your hair because this can reduce heat. Use your fingers to roll the section of hair close to the curling iron without burning your hair.

Working In Sections, Curl Your Hair

  • Pin-Up Curls Quickly

To create perfect curls, use a bobby pin or clip to fasten the circle of hair to your head.

Pin Up Curls Quickly

  • Take Out All Of The Bobby Pins and Hair Clips When The Hair Is Cool

Fix the curls that are messed up and tousle large curls if you want to create waves.

  • Add Hairspray Lightly To Hold Your Curls

The application of hairspray will help to keep your curls longer. However, don’t over-spray because it will make your hair look crispy, even give a bad impact on your hair.

Add Hairspray Lightly To Hold Your Curls

2. Some Common Curling Iron Mistakes

Here is a list of the most popular curling iron mistakes that women often make at home.

  • You are using the wrong type of curling iron

To be honest, different irons will create different curls so that let’s consider your desired curls before you buy a curling iron. A curling wand will give a curl that is large at the roots and tighter towards the ends of the hair. If you have a curling iron with a clamp, you can get curled ends easily.

  • Your hair is too wet when you apply heat

Many people think that your hair will get curls easier when your wet hair is curled. A blow dryer is also a heat tool but it’s ok because it doesn’t touch your hair directly. When your hair is damp, the application of heat tools like curling irons will make your hair get split ends.

  • You don’t use heat protectant

When you spray heat protectant on your hair, it will create a barrier that maintains moisture inside the hair strand and protects keratin from heat damage.

  • You brush out the curls too soon.

Many people brush their hair immediately when finishing curling. However, waiting will help to keep your curls longer.

Using curling irons is not an easy thing, so if you are the first-time user, follow the guide above to get perfect curls and avoid the mistakes when using a curling iron. If you want to have curls for a temporary change, wearing hair extensions is also a good idea. With hair extensions, you can limit the application of heat tools which directly damage your real hair. Besides, nowadays, hair extensions are designed with a variety of textures, colors and lengths as your requirement. If you want to purchase good hair extensions, visit to get help from enthusiastic staffs. You will not have to worry about any problems because Luxshinehair is one of the top hair extensions suppliers that always supplies high-quality hair extensions.

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