Guide For Beginners To Use Wigs As A Protective Style


When I first time worn wigs as a protective style, I took a lot of time to think what wigs suited my personal aesthetic and most importantly my budget. Luckily for me, with the development of technology, I can see reviews on various wig brands and retail outlets via Youtube and shopping online channels. Since then, people are less worried about choosing wig hair extensions as well as any type of hair extensions. As a result, wigs have become more and more popular among naturalistas as protective styles. Today, we will guide you how you can use wig hair extensions while caring for your natural hair.

Wig Hair Extensions

1. Find The Right Wig Hair Extensions

Wig hair extensions are available on the market, especially at local beauty supply stores and online e-commerce sites. You can easily browse several styles depending on your hair type, length, cut and color.

Nowadays, on the market, wigs are made of two hair types which are synthetic hair and human hair. So, what is the difference between these two types of hair?

Actually, synthetic wigs tend to be cheaper but they cannot last long and look natural as the wigs made with virgin human hair. Virgin human hair wigs can cost several hundred dollars but they can be used for months as protective styles with proper care.

When choosing the right wig, take its cap into consideration. Higher end wigs often have a full cap construction made of Swiss. Mid-tier units tend to incorporate lace fronts but with a lower price, so you’re likely to get synthetic lace wigs. The main difference between Swiss and Synthetic lace is that Swiss is better and more breathable for the health of your natural hair than synthetic lace.

Find The Right Wig

2. Prepare Your Hair

When you found the right wig, don’t forget to prepare your hair for your protective styles. Because our natural hair is fragile, we need to keep the ends protected even when wearing wig hair extensions.

Wearing wigs on freshly cleansed and moisturized hair is the best choice to protect your hair. Keep in mind that it’s terrible to wear wigs on dirty hair or applying heavy pomades and butters because this can clog your scalp’s pores or leave excessive residue on your wig. Besides, remember to have your hair in neat cornrows or two-strand twists to avoid tangling your wig.

Prepare Your Hair

3. Care For Your Edges

In fact, losing your edges has to be one of the top concerns of most women who are hesitant to wear wigs. Women usually make mistakes of securing wig hair extensions with old bobby pins or even combs that can make your edges recede.

To care for your edges, first, apply castor oil at least twice a week between uses. This oil helps stimulate one’s hair follicles leading to hair growth. Secondly, it’s better to use bobby pins to avoid scratching your scalp and tearing at hair shafts when securing your wig. Make sure the bobby pins are shifted regularly to avoid causing too much wear and tear on your hair. Lastly, avoid using glue and tape because they may pull out entire hair bulbs, especially when the wig is being removed.

Care For Your Edges

4. Keep Your Hair Cleansed And Moisturized

Remember to take care of your hair carefully when you wear wig hair extensions. It’s important to remove the wigs at the end of the day to allow the scalp to breathe. You should keep up the regimen by deep conditioning weekly and sealing in the moisture with a light oil such as argan or grapeseed oil and take time to re-tuck in the ends to ensure they are protected.

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