Guide On 18 Inch Weave Hair Extensions


Every women wants to have a long hairstyle at least once in their lifetime. However, it may be a big problem to wait for hair growth. Anyway, you don’t have to worry about this problem anymore because 18 inch weave hair extensions will be a perfect choice to help you achieve that. Let’s find out more about this length in this post.

1. What Is 18 Inch Weave Hair Extensions?

Weave hair extensions is considered to be one of the most popular extension because of its advantages. It is also called as weft or machine hair extensions which will be sewn into a long strip to create a weft.

Weave Hair Extensions

18 inch weave hair not only adds volume but also enhances hair length to your natural hair. This hair length is considered as medium length which is in shoulder blades. 18 inch hair is about 45 centimeters. The length of 18 inches is measured when the hair is straightened; therefore, it will look shorter if you order wavy or curly hair. Moreover, the length will be different depending on your height. You can look at this hair length chart which is the general standard of the world to guess how your hair look like with 18 inch hair extensions.

Hair Length Chart

2. Other Types Of 18 Inch Hair Extensions

With the demand of customers for long hair extensions, there are many options for types of 18 inch hair extensions. Luxshinehair is different from other hair extension suppliers because the customers of Luxshinehair are diverse in all over the world that leads to the difference in their choices. Besides weave hair extensions, many people like using clip in hair, tape hair and keratin hair extensions because of their convenience. Whereas, wholesalers almost buy bulk hair and weft hair extensions to make diverse designs for their products. Sometimes, frontal lace and lace closure are also suitable choices for girls to make them look more elegant and attractive.

3. How To Take Care Of 18 Inch Weft Hair Extension

Unlike natural hair, we need to take care of hair extensions carefully because they cannot take nutrient from scalp. Today, we suggest you some tips to protect your hair extension.

  • Tip 1: Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Regularly

As far as you know, daily washing can cause dry hair, hair loss, split ends and other issues. As a result, your hair extensions can last long. It is better to wash your hair twice a week which not only help your hair and scalp clean but also maintain the color of hair.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Too Regularly

  • Tip 2: Using Right Shampoo

Checking the ingredients of the products is an important step which is usually being skipped. You need to choose sulfate-free products because they contain detergent that can sweep moisture away from the hair. This makes your hair go dry faster. Be careful when choosing your shampoo or your weave hair extension of 18 inches will quickly become trash hair.

Using Right Shampoo

  • Tip 3: Providing nutrient to your hair extensions

One of the most important steps in hair-care process is applying conditioner after wash. This is a simple way to look after your hair but some of us are too lazy to do it. This step should not be passed in your washing routine.

Actually, natural hair masks are close friends of both natural hair and hair extensions which help to add moisture to your hair. You will certainly have shiny, smooth and healthy hair by taking care of your hair with natural ingredient mask. You can easily make them at home from eggs, avocado, honey, coconut oil and so on. Hundreds of recipes are available on the Internet but you should do research to choose the most effective hair mask for your hair. It is recommended to use hair mask twice a week for getting good result.

Providing nutrient to your hair extensions

  • Tip 4: Prevent External Elements From Affecting Your Hair

Taking care of hair not only helps to keep your hair in good condition but also prevents bad effect from damaging. Some external factors such as dirt, sunshine, chemicals can result in lots of hair problems like hair loss, breakage and split ends. To protect your 18 inch weave hair extensions, remember to wear a hat when going out as well as limit to style your hair with hot tools and chemicals.

Wear A Hat When Going Out

In conclusion, if you want to have gorgeous hairstyle with dreaming length, don’t hesitate to contact to get the best deal and help. You must have satisfying shopping experience with Luxshinehair.

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