Have You Ever Thought About Getting Sew-in Weaves?


Hair extensions give women the opportunity to add length, color and style to their hairdo. Sew-in weaves are the most popular weaving method because they provide much better protection to your real hair. That is because they are sewn in instead of gluing and fusing the weave to the actual hair.

There are various types of sew in which are currently used by women all over the world. In this article, we will mention some main types of sew-in weaves, especially amazing benefits of sew-in weaves

Sew In Weave

1. Types Of Sew-In Weaves

  • Middle Part Sew In

For a long time, a middle part sew in has developed into a slimming, modern and clean form of hairstyling. In fact, it offers a great level of symmetry which gives your hair a more realistic, natural and long-lasting texture.

Middle Part Sew In

  • Side Part Sew In

Sew in weaves have been helping women stay glamorous while protecting their natural hair. Side part sew in styles are suitable for a number of face shapes. They are also considered to be very unique with a hint of glamour attached to them.

Side Part Sew In

  • Free Part Sew In

Many women across the world choose the free part sew in. It is because of not only its price-friendly but also its ability to break down anywhere on your hair. Don’t worry about having to be really versatile with hair care because the free part sew in can last a long time and still give woman’s looks unique touch.

  • Vixen Sew In

This sew in can be different from other types of sew-in weaves. This is not only because of the beautiful textures but also because of the stunning colorful appearance.

Vixen Sew In

2. Benefits of Sew-in weaves

  • Low Maintenance

There will always be mornings when you have no time to style your hair. In those moments, the sew-in weave gives you the ability to style your hair in a hurry. Although not pre-styled, human hair can also be easily taken care of and are more versatile than synthetic hair. You just have to spend a short time on styling hair so it is time-saving.

Low Maintenance

  • Low Commitment

Hair weaves are ideal for those who love the low commitment of hair. If you are unsatisfied with your weave hairstyle, you can request your professional stylist to change or take it off. Sew-in weaves are very helpful for women who love constantly change and replace their hairstyles. In reality, the lack of damage and low cost has made sew-in weaves the first choice of women.

  • Protection

The hair is close to the scalp when braiding for sew-in weaves, while those on the wefts are attached as extensions. Wear and tear by natural daily conditions cause dryness and split at the ends. This defense comes through hair extension.


There are a lot of other benefits of sew-in weaves apart from three pros above. After reading these benefits, we hope that you won’t worry about the decision of purchasing a sew-in weave. Follow our website beequeenhair.com to get more details.





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