Flattering Sunset Hair Ideas


There is no doubt that people seem to fall in love with the color from everything they like. And from that, they create many colorful things to meet their demand. Hair color is among them. We can see many different hair colors which are inspired by food like candy, chocolate or coffee, red wine or even cute animal like unicorn. What about sunset hair?

The brightest sky when the sun goes down has made a strong impression on hair stylists, which helps them to create a new trendy color named sunset hair color. Who don’t love the shade of picturesque sky under the sunset? Nobody! Take a look on our post today and get ready for this glorious hair color.

Flattering Sunset Hair Ideas

What is the sunset hair dye?

As its name, sunset hair dye is inspired by the color of the sky when the cloud absorbs and combined harmoniously with the twilight. All create a strikingly beautiful color picture. A sunset hair often has a deep blue or purple base and ends with fade orange to pink or yellow to red, depending on the mixture of stylist. This romantic combination will definitely give you a gorgeous look with vividly colorful hair.

What Is The Sunset Hair Dye

What are some main types of sunset hair?

As we already mentioned above, the color base and ends of hair will depend mostly on hair stylist and your favor. Basically, orange and purple are two main shades and from that, stylist will create other shade for the ends. Sunset colored hair now is becoming increasingly popular among girls since the result it brings to women is beyond our expectation.

Sunset orange hair

Look at clouds flowing slowly under the twilight, you can see the warm shade of orange. The light from giant sun goes through layers of clouds and creates a vivid picture of sunset. Sunset orange hair is the result of this unlimited inspiration.

Sunset Orange Hair

Sunset orange hair can easily light up your face and give you a gorgeous look. It’s really a good choice for girls who are getting stuck in finding some hairstyle ideas for this autumn and winter. If brown color with caramel highlights reminds you of waves and wind from the blue beach, orange sunset hair will bring you the flavor of fall and spring.

Beautiful Unset Orange Hair

Purple sunset hair

Sunset hair is becoming a trend on social networks, especially Instagram and Facebook. Purple sunset hair is among them. The trend to dye hair in this sunset-inspired color attracts millions of women on Instagram with hashtag “sunset hair”. It is understandable because who can say no to this amazing color.

Purple Sunset Hair

Purple sunset hair is a little bit difficult in coloring and caring. It means that to maintain the color for a longer time, you need to spend time taking care of your hair, using right hair care product like shampoo, condition and hair lotion specialized in color-treated hair. But don’t worry, it doesn’t take too much time if you choose right hair products. Purple sunset hair is worth trying.

Impressive Purple Sunset Hair

Sunset Ombre Hair

Long Sunset Ombre Hair 

The most common type of sunset hair is ombre color. As we can see from the sky, sunset often brings a vivid picture of colors which are mixed harmoniously together. That’s why more people like ombre color to get the feeling from Mother Nature. It can be a mixture between dark purple and highlighted by light raspberry and violet.

Sunset Ombre Hair

Orange base with the ends fade from red orange mixed with red shape is perfectly beautiful picture of sunset. This flattering combination of sunset ombre hair will definitely bring you gorgeous look to attract all people’s attention no matter where you are.

Sunset Ombre Hair With Orange Base

Sunset colored hair is always a big source of inspiration for stylist to create various version with different mixing styles. But no matter how unique color ideas they come up to, the major share is still red, orange and purple- the soul of sunset.

Sunset Colored Hair

If you are owning long locks, it will be a great idea to dye your hair in sunset color. Long sunset hair will create a feeling that it’s no longer your hair, it’s a colorful, soft and beautiful cloud flowing around you. You look like a pretty princess with full of natural colors from the twilight!

Long Sunset Hair

Short Sunset Ombre Hair

Short curly hair sunset is also another perfect choice for girls to change their old look. The unique color combined with chin-length hair will enhance your beauty, give you a cool look and stand out from the crowd. Who can take their eyes off you? Nobody, for sure.

Short Curly Hair Sunset

There is no exaggeration to say that short hair can easily go well with different hairstyles, colors and texture. Besides, it also helps women to be easier to care and style as well. Sometimes, Just in a few minutes with a curling tool, you can completely create a hairstyle in curly or wavy textures following your own style. Sunset colored hair just contributes to completing your look.

Gorgeous Short Sunset Colored Hair

Sunset hair is a stunning hairstyle that every woman should try at least once. This vivid hair color will 100% bring you an outstanding look as well as inspire other women. Don’t worry if you think that this hair color is short-lasted since just do what you like! To achieve a perfect sunset colored hair, the skill of hair stylist in mixing color plays the most important role. Therefore, we do hope that this post will give you a deeper knowledge about sunset hair.

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