Fastest and Easiest Steps To Remove Clip In Hair Extensions


Clip in hair extensions are a type of hair extensions that is the easiest type to remove. However, if you remove them in the wrong way, your own hair may get damage. In contrast, your hair will remain in great condition for years if you remove them in the right way. Follow the following quick steps to remove your clip in hair extensions to ensure that both your real hair and clip in hair extensions remain in the best condition.

1. What Are Clip In Hair Extensions?

In just a matter of minutes, clip in hair extensions are the easiest, fastest and safest way to get long and thick hair. Clip in hair extensions come with the clips that have already been attached. It means that you can simply take the wefts by yourself and quickly clip them into your hair without any additional costs, time and help. Clip in hair extensions are the perfect solution for those who want instantly get thick and long hair without any troubles and long-term commitment.

Clip In Hair Extensions

2. Do Clip In Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

When it comes to hair extensions, the type and method of application matter. Some more permanent hair extensions can cause damage because of the hair bonding, gluing and pulling. Clip in hair extensions are the least damage option as they are simply clipped like any other hair clip into your hair. Additionally, this reduces the amount of pulling and stress on your hair resulting in healthy hair since you are not sleeping with the extensions in or wearing them non-stop for a long time.

3. How To Remove Clip In Hair Extensions

Step 1: Make Sure That Your Hair Is Free From Tangles

If your hair is matted, tangled or stiff from adding products such as holding sprays or gels, it takes a bit of more time to make sure all the tangles are removed and your hair is soft before removing your clip in hair extensions. Spray your own hair and clip in hair extensions with a fine mist of water and work your way through your hair with your fingers with a brush or a wide-toothed comb to remove clumps of holding products and smooth out tangled of areas of your hair.

Your Hair Is Free From Tangles

Step 2: Section Your Hair

Create a part above where your hair extensions have been installed to reveal the area they are attached to your hair. If you want, you can also create a part in your own hair just below where your clip in hair extensions are attached to make it easier to remove.

Section Your Hair

Step 3: Remove Extensions

Use one hand to secure your hair while gently lifting and sliding your clip in hair extensions out of your hair.

Step 4: Detangling Clip Ins

After you have slipped your clip in hair extensions out of your real hair, check them to make sure they are free from knots and tangles. If necessary, use a comb, brush or your fingers and the hair product of your choice to remove any knots that might have formed in your hair extensions.

Step 5: Dry Your Hair Extensions

If your clip in hair extensions are damp from detangling process, dry them with a hair dryer or give them time to air dry.

Dry Your Hair Extensions

Step 6: Store Extensions

After removing and detangling your clip in hair extensions, you can store them in place until you’re ready to use them again. Clip ins are the best stored in a cool and dry place where there is no direct sunlight that can cause the color to fade or become lighter over time. Place your clip in extensions in original packaging to ensure it maintains its original appearance and puts it in a box long and wide enough to accommodate the entire length of your clip in hair extensions.

You have read some useful information about clip in hair extensions, especially how to remove these hair extensions easily. Actually, they give you many benefits that other types cannot do so that clip in hair extensions must be your great choice. If you want to purchase them with high quality, visit to get advice and help. Thanks for reading!


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