Curly Hair Bundles Deal 101: Guidelines For The Effective Use


Are you ready to try some differences for your appearance as well as your style? Besides changing clothing style and makeup style, a new hairstyle also plays an important role in refreshing your appearance. Using hair extensions seems to be the best way to help you achieve your desired look without damaging natural hair. However, among many types of hair extensions, which type should you choose? Curly hair bundles deal is well-known for its versatility, full body and beautiful bounce. If you are tired of straight and wavy hair, curly hairstyles will be a good choice. Especially, if you are an American woman, there is no better choice than this texture. Let’s study about these hair extensions right now.

Amazing Things About Curly Hair Bundles Deal

As mentioned, thanks to its texture, curly bundles not only look nice and full but they can also enhance your natural beauty. However, when you combine curly bundles with closure or frontal, you will have a more attractive. Why? The lace of the closure/ frontal will make your hair look as natural as possible.

If you worry that synthetic hair looks fake and cannot last long, look for human hair. You can try curly hair bundles deal from Luxshinehair. This is a reliable hair extension brand from Vietnam, which has been in existence for many years. They supply 100% unprocessed remy curly hair bundles deal that are collected from the heads of healthy young girls. All the cuticles are intact and running in the same direction, so your hair will not be tangling or shedding. Thanks to high quality, your extensions can last up to a year and blend very well with your own hair. Curly hair bundles deal is diverse in 4 different tones, hence you can choose any color you want. Because the hair is remy hair, you can dye and bleach them if you want to do some changes.

Curly Hair Bundles Deal

How Many Curly Hair Bundles Do You Need For A Full Look?

Curly hair bundles deal come into different length, you can choose the length of hair from 8’’ to 22’’. If you are a beginner to curly hair, no matter you use bundles with closure or frontal, you may be confused about how many bundles you need for a full installation. To be honest, compared to straight and wavy hair, you will need fewer bundles for a full head sew-in with curly hair. Normally, the longer the hair is, the thinner it looks. Therefore, if your hair is about 8-14 inches, you just need to purchase 2 or 3 bundles with closure/frontal. However, if your hair is over 16 inches, you will need 3, even 4 bundles to achieve a full look.

How Many Curly Hair Bundles Do You Need For A Full Look

Use Curly Hair Bundles With Closure For Full Covered Installation

Many women say that there is a lot of inconveniences when making parting space with sew-in weave. But, when adding a lace closure to your install, you will be adding more parting space. Besides, it can blend well with your real scalp. With lace closure, you will not only have a natural-looking but your real hair is also kept safely underneath.

A lot of women are in an effort to help their “leave out” better blend with their weave by relaxing it or using a lot of heat on the hair. This will make your hair more brittle, thinner and weaker. Using curly hair bundles with closure deals can help you deal with this problem by providing you a realistic look without handling your leave out. Moreover, the bundles and closure will cover your hair, so all of your hair is protected from elements.

The lace closure should be placed in the middle of your hair in order to make your sew-in look more natural.

Instead of buying human hair wigs, buying curly hair bundles with closure deals can both save your money and give you a full covered installation.

Use Curly Hair Bundles With Closure For Full Covered Installation

Use Curly Hair Bundles With Lace Frontal For More Natural Looking

Lace frontal is larger than a closure because it goes from ear to ear. It is used when you want to recreate the entire hairline.  A lace frontal is practically a half wig, so you will need fewer bundles with frontal to create a full installation. If you want to try curly weave sew in, you will need about 2-3 bundles with the frontal to complete the look. We recommend you use 3 curly hair bundles with frontal deals.

This is one of the best choices to conceal the loss of hair along the hairline. A frontal has an ear to ear coverage area which is designed to mimic your own hairline. By using curly hair weave bundles with frontal, you can make any hairstyle you want. For example, you can try brushing your hair back into a ponytail or make a chic half up half down hairstyle.

Use Curly Hair Bundles With Lace Frontal For More Natural Looking

How To Take Care Of Your Curly Hair Bundles Deal

Many people think that caring for curly hair bundles is easy as straight and wavy hair. However, is it a piece of cake as they thought? The answer is no. In fact, it requires a more careful haircare process to keep its shape and shiny look. Read on the following guidelines to know how to care for it properly.

  • You should co-wash your curly hair bundles with warm water twice a week to keep the hair cuticles healthy and prevent your hair from dryness. We recommend you use mild shampoo and deep conditioner to wash the hair. Remember to leave the conditioner on your hair and massage for a few minutes to help the hair absorb more nutrition.
  • Once you finish your wash, use a wide-toothed comb to detangle the hair.

use a wide-toothed comb to detangle the hair

  • Most people rub their hair dry to remove excess water, but this is not the best practice. You should use a towel to pat your wet hair, then loosely wrap it around your head and keep it on for minutes. It’s best to air dry your hair. In case you are in a hurry, you can completely use a blow-dryer with a cold wind setting.

use a towel to pat your wet hair

  • Although it is advisable to avoid heat styling tools, you can use them to style your virgin human hair bundles. However, to limit breakage, you should add a heat protectant before using heat on your hair. Thanks to a protective barrier, your hair will get less damage.
  • It’s also very important to protect your hair while sleeping. If not, your hair will look messy and funny in the next morning. Wrap your hair up with a silk scarf to avoid tangles or make braids to keep your curls more textured.
  • Never brush your hair starting at the top. So, how to brush your hair properly? You should brush from the bottom and work your way up to the top to avoid tangling and breakage.

After reading the information about curly hair bundles deal, are you ready to use it? If you want to get more detail about these hair extensions, contact Luxshinehair for help.



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