Break The Old Look With Body Wave Perms Hairstyles


You wore straight hairstyles for a long time and now, you’re looking for a change? How can you get a new spice? We recommend you to try body wave perms hairstyles if you desire to get waves or curls. Through this article, you will know the reason why they can make you look brighter.

Overall View About Body Wave Perms Human Hair Bundles

Real body wave human hair bundles are considered to be the best choice to deal with women’s hair problems. It is popular because of the big “S” shape around the hair body. Moreover, it can show the biggest curls among all types of human hair bundles. Most people like to wear body wave perm hairstyles to show their steady, generous personality. When talking about the production process, body wave human hair bundles are produced with minimal processing. Therefore, it can keep almost features of the Remy hair. With these bundles, you can get any body wave perm hairstyle without any special care.

Body Wave Perms Human Hair Bundles

In Case You Don’t Have Human Hair Bundles, How To Do Body Wave Perms?

You can completely achieve a body wave perm either at home or at a salon. But, if you want to do a body wave perm by yourself, you need to be appropriately enlightened about the procedure or watch a tutorial video of the professional stylist to pick up some useful tips.

An important tip is to not deep-condition your hair for 24 hours before making body wave perms. If you do that, the waves will not form. Below is a detailed guide on how to do body wave perms.

Shampoo Your Hair

Remember to wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove any product buildup. The goal of this step is to make your hair as neutral as possible. Use a towel to pat the excess water and dry the hair, but let it a bit damp instead of completely dry.

Shampoo Your Hair

Part Your Hair

After drying your hair, part the hair into three or four sections. You should make two on the front part of your head and the other two or one at the back of your head. Now, apply some ointment along your hairline to prevent burns.

Part Your Hair

Wrap Your Hair

Wrap your hair in small parts using curling papers and perm rods. Before you wrap the hair, apply the perm solution on top of the curling paper. Choose the appropriate size of rods for the type of curls you want to achieve.

Keep in mind that the smaller the perm rod is, the tighter the curls are and vice versa. After wrapping your hair around a perm rod, secure the perm rod with an elastic band to firmly hold it in place. Repeat the same procedure for other parts of your hair.

Wrap Your Hair

Apply the perm solution

After you wrap your hair, apply the perm solution on each perm rod. Ensure that the perm solution gets to every area of your hair. This will help weaken the disulfide bonds of your hair, enabling an establishment of new hair texture. After applying the perm solution, you should let your hair rest for 40 minutes.

Apply the perm solution

Wash out the perm solution

After 40 minutes of applying the solution, wash it off, but do not remove the perm rods. Dry your hair with a clean paper towel.

Neutralize your hair

A neutralizing solution reforms the already weakened hair disulfide bonds from straight shapes to curls and waves. Apply a neutralizer to every part of your hair and allow it to sit for 10 – 12 minutes. Then wash off the neutralizer from your hair.

Remove the perm rods

Before removing all of the perm rods, remove one of the rods to check out if your desired curl has been achieved. If you are satisfied with the result, go ahead and remove other perm rods.

Remove the perm rods

Dry and style your hair

After removing all perm rods, dry your hair using an electric hair dryer or naturally air dry your hair. Style your hair as desired while ensuring you do not disrupt the new curls.

Best Products For Permed Hair

Why Do Women Love Body Wave Perms Hairstyles?

There are a variety of reasons that make women want to get body wave perms hairstyles. Keep on reading to find what they are.

The Hair Looks Much Better

If your current straight hairstyle is out of fashion, a perm hairstyle would be a good choice to make your hair different. Most people choose body wave hairstyles because they desire good-looking waves.

Waves Create a Voluminous Look

Wearing this hair type will be an effective way to increase the thickness of the hair. This is really necessary if all you need is volume. It means that if you have thin hair, the style can help increase the hair volume.

Save Time

What does it mean? It means that when wearing the body wave perms style, you only need to brush your hair without having to use a curling iron or perm rods every day.

Who Should Get Body Wave Perms?

This is a perfect option for those who want to change their look with waves and curls. Depending on personal preferences, it can vary from waves to curls. The waves can give volume and texture to every ordinary and plain look. This is a solution for those women who travel all the time and don’t have time to style their hair on a regular basis. Generally speaking, it is a suitable choice for women of all ages.

Top Trending Short Body Wave Perms Hairstyles

Stacked Body Wave Perms Bob

If you have fine hair and want to add more volume, we recommend you to use 8 inch human hair bundles or wigs to get a full look of short stacked bob. This hairstyle especially suits women over the age of 60. To do this hairdo, you need to cut the hair in a short asymmetrical bob, then use a curling iron to perm the hair. The perms should come naturally and give you a soft look.

Short Stacked Bob

Permed Wavy Bob

This textured bob has a high density and intensity of curls which make the hair more voluminous. This is an option for women with thin hair who want to achieve volume.

Permed Wavy Bob

Permed Short Bob with Bangs

The body wave perm short bob must be a wonderful experience to women with thin and fine hair. The curls in the form of spirals may look a bit shaggy but they can create a fresh and special look. Besides, the permed-shaggy bangs give you a spiral and catchy appearance.

Permed Short Bob with Bangs

Blonde Waves

Women who are wearing short hair like a pixie cut can create body wave perms on their short hair to get an impressive curly hairstyle. This also makes your daily styling become easier. The curly bangs are an important part of the whole hairstyle, so let’s add some blonde to your bangs.

Blonde Waves

Short Body Wave Perms for Black Women

There is a difference between the short body wave perm hairstyle for black women and those on white women. The significant difference lies in the type and the structure of the hair. The hair here is wavy, chic and elegant resembling the classic waves of Hollywood celebrities.

Permed Short Hair for Black Women

Messy Bob

This short body wave perm is a novelty and rare style which mostly wore by young women with extremely thin hair. The curly locks can add more volume to the hair and make the hair bushier.

Messy Bob

Shaggy Side Part Bob

The body waves on shaggy bob create a voluminous hairstyle. It can be done on dull and straight hair to give it texture and definition. The hair is layered from the chin which gives the perm style and makes it look more feminine.

Shaggy Side Part Bob

Now, tell us which is your favorite body wave perms hairstyle? We’d love to hear from you. Thanks so much for reading!


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