Many women just know colors and lengths of the hair but when it comes to textures, not many people know the differences between body wave and deep wave. They have very similar features but their differences are equally significant. Today, we will help you distinct body wave and deep wave.

First of all, let’s us show you the definition of body wave.

1. What Is Body Wave?

This is basically a form of hair extension which usually consists of loose curls making the S shape. The entire hair extension shapes it S pattern. It is normally shiny further and has the perfect appearance.

If you give the hair a narrower look, you will realize that the hair waves are more relaxed. This type of hair is also great when you think about blending the hair. The waves are a bit between the curls and straight hair. If you like straight hair but don’t want it to be unnatural, the body wave should be the greatest option for you.
This body wave hair is not only made using the unprocessed human hair but it’s also tightly weft to ensure that it doesn’t shed. You can maintain the youthful look because the hair has the tight elasticity and bounce. You can make different hairstyles with this length of hair.

What Is Body Wave

2. Body Wave Hair Features

Mostly, the hair on the body wave is 100% human hair. It is usually easy to maintain this hair texture, you can even do whatever you always do to your natural hair to the hair extension. After a short time, your body wave curls will disappear. However, you can make the curls if you like.

3. How To Keep The Body Wave Hair

It will start straightening up within a short time of buying the hair. When you wash the hair once or twice, you’ll find that it starts straightening up. Below are some tips you should do to maintain the hair structure.

  • Use a clean towel to dry the hair when you wash the hair; however, make sure you’re gentle to the process. Next, let it dry naturally without using heat because the heat can damage and break your hair. You can apply some oil to the hair surface when it’s finished. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t apply too much oil on the surface of the hair. This process helps to moisturize your hair.

Use A Clean Towel To Dry The Hair

Apply Some Oil To The Hair Surface

  • Next, use your fingers to comb the hair. Comb from the ends to the roots of the hair. You can also roll the hair with your hands to keep the curls.
  • You can apply some amount of mousse hair. Then, you can continue rolling your hair while following the curve pattern. Note that you shouldn’t use so much mousse hair because it may attract dust.

4. What Is Deep Wave?

The pattern of the deep wave is quite similar to the curl pattern. These usually have the same structure as the loose wave, body wave and natural wave. The only difference is that the hair has more twists or waves than those mentioned above. This hair structure is voluptuous but it looks nicely normal. Below are some tips you should know in order to have the deep wave for a longer time.

This hair has 100% unprocessed hair and is a double weft so that it doesn’t shed. Furthermore, this hair has a high elasticity and no split ends. You can style and color it as you want because it is human hair.

What Is Deep Wave

5. How To Take Care Of The Hair

  • Washing The Hair

Make sure you comb your hair with your fingers before you start the washing process to ensure the strands flow freely. This helps to get rid of all the tangles. Using the right shampoo and conditioning is the only way to protect your hair from damaging.

Washing The Hair

  • Drying The Hair

Dryers seem to be the fastest way to dry your hair. However, you should let your hair dry naturally. The dryers are the things that generally extract the natural nutrients from your hair.

Drying The Hair

  • Brushing The Hair

Now, in the market, there are many types of combs. You should avoid using the deep wave combs because they can break the waves and curls. A wide-toothed comb should be the best choice for wavy and curly hair. To protect your hair, you should comb your hair from the ends to the roots.

Brushing The Hair

6. The Differences Between Body Wave and Deep Wave

  • Mostly, the difference is on the curls. While the looser body wave curls form the S shape, the deep wave hair is almost curly.
  • The body wave doesn’t need too much care because of its slight waves. On the other hands, you need to take so much care of deep waves to maintain the waves.
  • The problem with deep wave curls is that it easily tangles. You should use the right products to safeguard it from tangles.
  • The hair on the body wave is normally soft and full. You can match you hair with some beauty accessories.

In conclusion, with all said that, all the hair types have their best features. I hope that you can distinct body wave and deep wave based on the information above. Besides, you can also better understand about these hair textures and have tips to take care of your natural hair as well as maintain these hair textures.


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