Best Ways To Sleep With Long Hair


A popular problem with long hair is that when they wake up, their hair gets frizz and looks lifeless. This is because you have not got the right method to protect your hair while sleeping. For this reason, today we will present you with some tips that may help you protect your long hair when sleeping as well as some ways to take care of long hair.

1. How To Sleep With Long Hair

  • Making A Bun

One of the quickest and easiest ways to keep long hair tamed during the night is to make a bun. Maybe someone will feel uncomfortable with this method because they have to sleep towards the left or right with the bun. The best solution is to make the high bun on your head or leaning in front of your head. However, you must satisfy with your long hair in the morning because this doesn’t change the hair shape too much. Remember to give the bun a break with your scalp which helps to minimize the ability to get shedding. Bedtime hairstyles are less damaging to your hair because they are the only fashion approved opportunity to use scrunchies or not elastic bands.

Making A Bun

  • Braiding Your Hair

It may take a long time to make braids with long hair; however, it will be easier after the first couple of times. Don’t forget to make a loose braid to avoid adding stress to your hair and split ends. If you want to have wavy hairstyles, this is a great way to do this. You may have a problem with this braid because it can make hair frizzy. The solution to this problem is that you apply a little amount of an anti-frizz product before sleeping.

Braiding Your Hair

  • Tying Hair Into A Low Ponytail

Just tying hair into a low ponytail with an elastic band may be considered to be the simplest way to protect long hair while sleeping. With this method, the elastic bands will keep the hair from your face and make your hair less damaged. Whether your hair is medium or long, this method can also work well. However, your hair might lose the volume by falling down flat all night.

Tying Hair Into A Low Ponytail

  • Covering Hair With Cap or Scarf

This is a great choice for those who have layered hair because they cannot stay in ponytails. It is also the best effective way to sleep with long hair because all of your hair is covered. To be honest, covering hair with a scarf may give you a more fashionable look.

Covering Hair With Cap Or Scarf

2. How To Take Care Of Long Hair

  • Use The Right Hair Brush

A boar bristle or a wet brush should be your choice because it helps to make your hair smooth as well as minimize friction when brushing. With these types of brush, your hair will not get caught the hair knots, leaving the hair shaft silky without pulling out hair strands.

Use The Right Hair Brush

  • Use Heat Protectant

When you want to style your long hair with heat styling tools, don’t forget to apply heat protectant to your hair. The ingredients in this product can create a protective barrier to protect your hair from other elements and damage.

Use Heat Protectant

  • Set The Temperature Of Heat Tools As Low As Possible

Many people think that the high temperature will help them get the hair texture faster and more effective. In fact, it can make your hair become dry because it takes natural oils from your hair. Even, your hair will be burned if you set too high temperature. When you use a blow dryer, try to point the nozzle down and keep it at the distance from your hair. This can prevent hair from tangling.

  • Avoid Over-Washing

The natural oils of your hair are designed to protect your tresses, therefore, when you wash your hair too frequently, it can strip the oils away. The best way to keep the moisture of your hair is to wash your hair just twice a week with a natural shampoo. Also, remember to condition your long hair after shampooing.

Avoid Over Washing

We have shared with you some ways to protect your hair when you sleep which also answers the question “how to sleep with long hair?”. Also, you know some tips to care long hair. So, please share with us what you find to be the best effective thing. We love hearing from you. If you want to find a way to temp to change or hide your bad hair, you can choose hair extensions. By wearing hair extensions, you can get a new hairstyle without damaging your hair. Even, you can remove it whenever you want. To get the best quality hair extensions, contact or visit

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