Best Tips For Making Your Lace Closure Look As Natural As Possible



On the market, there are various popular types of lace closures that can change your look effectively. Especially, they are a great help for women who suffer from hair loss or any hair problems. These extensions are made of human hair individually tied onto a lace base. Therefore, a professional-attached full lace closure or lace frontal closure is virtually undetectable from natural hair. In this article, we will find out some tips to make your lace closures look natural.

What You Need To Know About Lace Closures

If you don’t know about this hair type before, let’s keep on reading, we will help you understand what lace closures are.

A lace closure is a small hairpiece that you can customize when using it. You can anchor closures to the skin by using liquid adhesive or double-sided tape for people with hair loss. There are three main types of lace closures on the market such as free part lace closure, middle part lace closure and three part lace closure. In terms of hair texture, there are straight wave lace closures, body wave lace closures, curly lace closures and so on. We can also call them by the color of the lace such as light brown lace closures and transparent lace closures.

What You Need To Know About Lace Closures

They can also be applied to the hair with clips or sewn on cornrows. You can even use other weaving techniques such as fusion, bonding or micro links to hold the closures onto the hair.

So, what are closure bundles deals? This is a combination of 3 packs of high-quality weave hair extensions and a closure.

closure bundles deals

The Pros And Cons Of Wearing Lace Closures

Pros Of Lace Closures

Low Maintenance

Unlike sew-in lace frontal, a lace closure hairpiece doesn’t require much experience to care for and maintain it. When using it, all you need to do is washing, conditioning and styling it. You don’t need to go to hair salons every time you want to take the extensions off because you can do it yourself.

Long Lifespan

With proper maintenance, whether you opt for a sew-in or glue-in lace closure, it typically lasts longer than a frontal. Lace closures are more suitable for warmer weather because they don’t require as much gluing as lace frontals.

Protective Style

When wearing lace closures, all of your natural hair lie underneath the lace, so you can experiment with different styles and colors without damaging your hair. Furthermore, with high-quality closure, you can even use a curling iron or straightener to style your hair without worrying that it weakens your natural hair.

To know how to use a curling iron correctly, click here.

Protective Style

Cons Of Lace Closures

Grow Out Your Hair

If you wear a lace closure, it will grow together with your hair when it grows. This means that you hair will push up the closure out of the way. Therefore, you will have to readjust your lace closure every 4 weeks.

How To Make Your Lace Closure Bundles Deal Look Natural?

There are many factors that affect your lace closure look. Below are some tips to make your extensions look as realistic as possible.

Choose The Right Lace Closure

It’s essential to choose a good quality lace closure that has the same color and texture with your natural hair. Besides, you should part the hair of the closures in a side part to get a more natural look. Why? Like other types of extensions, lace closures with side parts always look more natural than the middle parts.

Choose The Right Lace Closure

Choose The Lace Color that Can Match Your Skin Tone

The lace should look like your scalp, so it will be undetectable and aid your lace in the realistic look. If the color of the lace is different from your skin tone, you can dye it at home with a fabric dye close in tone to your skin. But, how to dye it effectively? All you need to do is plunge the cotton swab into the dye and apply it wherever the lace is visible such as around your hairline.

Trim The Excess Lace Off

Trim the excess lace off before you wear the lace closure and bundles. This is usually designed by the closure supplier to ensure that the lace closure is suitable for you. If not, use sharp scissors to cut off the excess, just leaving about a 1.25-inch lace strip.

Trim The Excess Lace Off

Hide All Of Your Own Hair

This is an indispensable step if you are looking for a natural appearance. Before you put on your lace closures bundles deal, remember to hide all of your natural hair by using hair gel. This can help the hair slick and not fly away.

If you have medium-length hair, you can push it into the closure cap. If your hair is curly or frizzy hair, it’s best to use bobby pins to keep the cap in place. With short hair, you can simply slick it back under the lace closure and pin your own hair. Long hair is the most manageable one if you fashion it into braids that hold your head well.

Put On Your Lace Closure

Put your lace closure bundles deal on your head and visit a hairstylist to make sure you cut it in the right way that matches your style perfectly. Then, adjust the lace closure to fit your head and use combs or clips to secure it.

Try Baby Powder

If the lace closures is too shiny, gently sprinkle it with baby powder and then brush it to make the hair of your closure appear more natural.

You should use a wide-toothed comb and a vent brush for styling your lace closure because they can reduce the pull on the closure hair.

Remember to go slow from the roots to the ends of the lace when removing tangles to protect your lace closure.

Wash Your Lace Closure

It is recommended to wash your lace closure with the mild shampoo which is specially designed for colored-treated hair. Shampoo or conditioner that provides better protection is important. Lace closure hair care is the most important thing to get a natural look when you want to wear lace closure bundles deal.

We have shown you some guidelines to help you get a realistic look with a lace closure. Hope that after reading this article, you can successfully change your old style into a luxurious look with lace closures. Thanks for reading!


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