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Curly hair is a common texture that many people love it. You can achieve this texture by using sprays, mousses or curling irons. However, they are just temporary methods. Perm hairstyles will help to keep your hair a little more permanent. In this article, we will introduce with you some products for permed hair.

Firstly, let’s find out what a perm is.

1. What Is A Perm?

The word “perm” refers to a permanent wave. Perm hair is a style that you need to use chemicals to alter your hair’s structure from straight hair to curly or wavy hair. That’s why the hair can last for a few months. For this reason, it’s called a permanent wave.

The most popular type of perm is where you put your hair on a curler and then add perm chemical to it. The chemicals can soften the hair by splitting the disulfide bonds which bind the keratin protein together.

The hair will take the form of curls or waves depending on the sizes of the roller. When you tamper with bonds, hair damage is unavoidable. Therefore, you need some products to take care of permed hair. Here are some products for permed hair that we recommend you use.

What Is A Perm

2. Products For Permed Hair

a. Best Shampoos

Nowadays, along with people’s demands, there are thousands of shampoos on the market. However, they are not used for the same purpose. The permed hair should use a special shampoo for chemically treated hair. Chemical treated hair is often dry, so more protein may be required. When using shampoos for chemically treated hair, you should add more moisture to it. Moreover, curly hair usually needs special attention to make it look attractive.

Keep away from the shampoos that contain sulfates and parabens. Here are some shampoo products for permed hair that you can buy.

  • Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo

Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo

If you have chemically treated your hair or if your hair is naturally dry, Moroccan argan shampoo is a necessary kind. It contains healing oils mixed with pure argan oil. This also has the bio-restorative complex which balances the scalp while restoring the strength of the strands.

This mixture battles drying, loss of elasticity and dehydration of the hair strands. The shampoo works as an anti-frizz product best suited to curly hair. Therefore, it is considered to be one of the best products for permed hair.

With time, the hair is going to rekindle the strength of the strands. The shampoo helps to detangle your hair. This shampoo is safe for any hair, especially your permed hair.

The argan oil contains emollient rich in protein. Therefore, it will soothe your dry scalp and revive your strand structure.

  • Advanced Hair Repair Moisturizing Sulfate-Free Shampoo

This shampoo helps to deliver the right vitamins to your hair to improve hair growth. That’s why it stays luscious and shiny whether the hair is permed, curly or natural.

It doesn’t contain toxins such as sulfate or paraben making it gentle cleanser. The shampoo moisturizes and hydrates the hair which is what the permed hair requires. It also helps to seal in the moisture and maintains health.

Advanced Hair Repair Moisturizing Sulfate Free Shampoo

b. Best Conditioners For Permed Hair

Even if you use the high-quality perm chemical, your hair can still be dry. Therefore, your hair requires moisture to revive it. Remember to use deep conditioners at least once a week. It means that whenever you wash your hair, you should condition.

In addition, depending on how the hair feels affected, you can use the leave-conditioner every time before and after styling it. When your hair is damaged, the deep conditioner should be used twice a week until the structure is restored.

  • Tea Tree Oil Conditioner

Tea Tree Oil Conditioner

The hair will not dry anymore with the combination of its natural oils and it will recover its luscious feeling with time. This acts as an antidandruff conditioner for most people but is also effective in keeping the scalp and the strands moisturized.

These will nourish curly hair and protect the hair from frizz. This also has a way of reviving the protein keratin that helps the hair feel healthy. This deep conditioner is also perfect because it prevents the hair from becoming thinner. It is a safe product with no additives in sulfate or silicone. It is designed to be environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. Because argan and jojoba are used, your hair will not get split ends and breakage. In the end, it can promote the growth of your hair.

c. Best Styling Products For Permed Hair

  • Curl Lock Cream

Curl Lock Cream

You need to use curl lock cream to maintain the locks. This product is designed to improve curl memory, enabling it to maintain the curls for a long period of time. Additionally, the product will not weigh down your hair. The curl cream makes the hair shiny and keeps it moist. It also provides UV protection to the hair preserving its color and beautiful appearance. A special thing is that this product is best suited for all types of hair.

We have listed some products for permed hair that you can choose. With these products, your hair must be healthier. However, if you want to have curly or wavy texture without perming your hair, hair extensions will be a good choice. You will not have to spend too much time caring for your hair but still have beautiful hair. Moreover, nowadays, hair extensions are designed with various textures, lengths and colors which can meet your demands. Follow or to get high-quality hair extensions.

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