Nowadays, more and more people use hair extensions because of its convenience, cost, etc. However, choosing a type of hair extensions is not really easy. It also depends on which type of hair extensions you are suitable for. For those who want to add more volume and length to their natural hair, a quick weave may be the best choice because you can do a lot of hairstyles for it. In this article, we will share you some information about quick weaves and the best quick weave bob hairstyles.
Quick Weave Bob Hairstyles

What Is A Quick Weave?

Quick Weave

A quick weave is a full weave that involves connecting hair extensions to a thick weave cap. A stylist puts the weave cap before the bonding on your head. The process is quick and easy, your hair is also out of the way. You will not have to deal with manipulation and style on a daily basis.

Everyone likes and wishes to have hair extensions but they can be costly and time-consuming. Quick weave bob hairstyles are the go-to choices for a perfect change in a few minutes. Some may argue that if you do it properly and use the right tools such as the thick weave cap, the quick weave is not harmful.

It is basically a great alternative to traditional sew-in and is used as an efficient style of protection. Let’s go into more detail about it.

Hairstyles For Quick Weave Bobs

1. Weave with Block Colors

Choosing the ombre’ ends or highlighting look when installing a weave is great, but try something bolder by getting alternating block colors, which complement each other. You also have to make sure that quality hair color products are used to get the real hair color you want.

Weave With Block Colors

2. Blonde Bombshell Quick Weave Style

Blonde is a beautiful color no matter the season of the year. Blonde bombshell quick weave is a great style because your hair will go for it without pressure.

Whether you’re looking for a honey blonde or a platinum blonde, it’s easy to pull off this quick weave bob hairstyle and you’re sure to get some sass.

Blonde Bombshell Quick Weave Style

3. Quick Bob

It is also super easy to maintain a quick weave bob style with a lot of efficiencies. With this hairstyle, you can go from having super short hair to a quick switch. Here are a few types of quick weave that you can try.

  • Asymmetrical Bob: If you like the slick and neat styles, give it some characters by getting a quick weave bob an angled cut. It’s different and still gives the feeling of conservative.

Asymmetrical Bob

  • Blunt Bob: A blunt bob is a super edge, and as a quick weave bob, it’s even better. A good thing about a blunt quick weave bob is that you can go on alternating the bob’s bluntness without manipulating your real hair.

Blunt Bob

  • Side-part Bob: There is nothing classy than the side part quick weave bob. This style gives you a natural look.

Side Part Bob

4. Wavy Quick Weave Style

Some curls are capable of making all the difference. It’s easy to pull off for any facial form and keeps the look youthful.

Wavy Quick Weave Style

5. Side Part Quick Weave Style

You should use a fine-textured and straight weave with a deep side part to use this style. Longer bangs compliment the look better but any length can also do.

Side Part Quick Weave

6. Pixie Cut Quick Weave Style

The cut of pixies is the ultimate short style of quick weave. It allows for a quick change without the big commitment to cut off your natural hair as most women wouldn’t dare. This quick weaving style gives you the chance to test a short look at waters before you take that big step.

Pixie Cut Quick Weave Style

7. Fringe Cut Quick Weave Style

Although this short quick weave style looks simple, it still allows your gorgeous facial features to show while framing your eyes. Besides, this hairstyle is a cute style for both the young and older ages.

Fringe Cut Quick Weave Style

We have shown you what a quick weave is and some best hairstyles for quick weave bobs. We hope that these information can help people who want to have short hair but not cut their natural hair. Follow our website to get more useful information.



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