Beautiful hairstyles for angular faces


The angular face is a type of face with large jaw bone or high cheek bone, or square chin bone. The angular face often brings masculinity to the femininity.

Which hairstyle can turn your angular face to a softer face, covering your jawbone or rough cheekbones …? Let’s take a look at some of the suggestions below

Straight hair with central parting

For large or angular faces such as triangular face or diamond face, small cheek is the most proud point on the face. Therefore, nothing is better than a straight hairstyle with central parting with the two sides’ hair as the veil of the jaw bone, attracting all the eyes. You can also make use of the long hair part to cover up the light-dark highlights on the jaw.

Hair bob skewers

This hairstyle is considered the perfect choice for girls who have square faces. With the length exceeds jaw bone, the two sides of the hair can disappear the hard bone of the jaw. In addition, the special feature is the bangs deviated to one side, which creates asymmetrical hairstyle and this hairstyle is very suitable for your face.

Layer trimmed long hair with light waves

Still in the focus of the elimination of the angular features of the face, layer trimmed long hair with light waves is the “life buoy” for the girls who have angular face. This hairstyle is favored and takes over the belief because it makes the floating layers of hair on both sides of the cheeks without tightening faces, which makes your face more round and feminine.

Curly hair with small curls

This is considered a great hairstyle for girls who have heart shaped face with wide forehead and small chin. Because of this, the bulge of the sides’ hair is an expensive point to cover the jaw bone and a part of large forehead.

Hair bent on the hair ends

With the characteristic of the long curved bangs, straight roots bent on the hair end, this hairstyle always knows how to “claw” the angular lines and brings the feminine and attractive beauty for girls.

Angular faces make it difficult to choose the suitable hairstyle since angular feature tends to represent the masculinity for girls. However, this situation can be solved simply and girls will not have to worry. Just by applying these hairstyles mentioned above, you still will be beautiful regardless of your angular face.

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