Are Human Hair Wigs Better Than Human Hair Bundles With Closure?


Are you looking for a type of hair extensions which can make you look outstanding in the crowd? No way, if you are a black woman, human hair wigs and human hair bundles with closure are the best hair types to wear. In some countries, when going out for parties or for work, women never forget to wear hair extensions to add self-confidence and spice up their beauty. So, are human hair wigs better than hair bundles with closure? Let’s read on this article to find the answer.

What Are Human Hair Wigs?

Human hair wigs are made of real human hair, so they look real. When using this hair type, you don’t need to do any processing technique. All you need to do is installing them on your head. However, if you want to change your look, you can absolutely re-style the wigs like your own hair after washing. There are three main types of human hair wigs on the market: human hair lace frontal wigs, human hair full lace wigs, 360 lace wigs. Do you know why they can give you a realistic look as your natural hair? Actually, these four types of human hair wigs are made of 100% virgin Remy hair and have high-quality lace. The lace looks like real scalp of women so that it brings people the natural-looking effects.

What Are Human Hair Wigs

What Are Human Hair Bundles With Closure?

Human hair bundles with closure are the separate accessories of human hair wigs. After people receive the human hair bundles with closure, they need to sew them on head. After sewing, the human hair bundles with closure will create a new and natural-looking hairline to women as a wig. Besides, women can also enjoy the fun of DIY during the wigs sewing procedure.

What Are Human Hair Bundles With Closure

Are Human Hair Wigs Better Than Hair Bundles With Closure?

To answer the question “Are human hair wigs better than hair bundles with closure?”, we should talk about the differences between these two types of hair extensions. There will not have an exact answer to this question because all people have different demands when looking for hair extensions. However, by explaining the differences between human hair wigs and human hair bundles with closure, you will have a judgment according to your demands and requirements. Below are some different points between these extensions.

  • The Sewing Procedure

When using the wig, you just need to place it in the right position with the sewn-in or quick weave method. Whereas, you need to sew or glue human hair bundles with closure in step by step. This process will require more time to install. It sounds that the installation of human hair wigs is better than human hair bundles with closure. However, with bundles deal, you can style your extensions into any style with your favorite braid pattern.

  • The Cost

The Remy human hair wigs have been produced to the finished wigs by combining hair bundles with closure or frontal. Therefore, you can easily apply it even it’s the first time you have used it.

The Remy human hair bundles with closure belong to the accessories of hair extensions, so they require more professional installation process after people receive them.

Because of the availableness, the cost of the human hair wigs is a little bit higher than human hair weave bundles with closure. So, if you just have a small budget, the wig will not be a good option.

  • The Effects

As we have mentioned, both of them can bring the natural-looking to women, but there will still have some detailed differences. Human hair lace wigs are the entire wigs because every detail has handled well by the skillful hands. They have much professional knowledge about making the fashionable human hair wigs and know how to catch up with fashion trends.

When using bundles with closure, the wearers need to sew them in by themselves or have another person helped. Hence, the effects of sewing depends on the level of the sewer. It means that if you are new to hair extensions and don’t know how to sew it properly, you may get a terrible look. Therefore, when we talk about the detailed effects of wearing human hair wigs is always better than human hair bundles with closure. If you have bundles with closure but want to get the same wonderful effects as human hair wigs, we recommend you to go to a barbershop for help.

In brief, in respect of cost and sewing procedure, human hair bundles with a closure seem to be a better choice for women, especially black women because of its flexibility. But, how to buy the best one. Keep on reading for finding out some tips on buying the best human hair bundles.

Tips On Buying The Best Human Hair Bundles

  • Choose The Best Quality Remy Human Hair Bundles

Quality of hair bundles is one of the most important factor we need to consider when we are going to buy the best quality human hair weave bundles. In the hair extension market, most brands assign the number with letter A as the standard for the quality grade of the bundles of human hair weave. Specifically, the higher the number is, the higher the quality will be.

High-quality human hair bundles must be made of virgin remy hair with the original cuticle. Hence, all hair strands fall in the same direction keeping the original features of Remy hair. The entire production procedure without any harmful chemicals, so the hair is soft and healthy for wearing. Unlike synthetic hair bundles, virgin remy hair bundles have a long lifespan. They can last up to several years.

Virgin Hair Bundles With Closure And Frontal: How Many Bundles Do You Need For A Full Head?

  • Choose The Best Texture For Human Hair Bundles

The texture of human hair bundles sew-in plays a significant role in deciding whether the bundles will bring you the natural-looking or not. Here is a list of textures you should consider.

Body wave hair bundles

If you still don’t know which texture to go for, we recommend you try the body wave human hair weave bundles. It is considered to be one of the most widely welcomed virgin hair bundles. It has the “S” shape looks like the great waves of the sea so that when wearing these bundles, you will feel as if you are on the beach.

What’s more?

For its strong ability of plasticity, you can style it to any style you like whenever you are bored of the shape it shows.

Straight Hair Bundles

These bundles are the remy hair without any handling after being cut from the donator’s head. That’s why it is always smooth, soft and shiny. With these straight bundles, you will always get the most fashionable hairstyle whether you wear long or short weave hair bundles. No one can recognize that you are wearing unprocessed human hair bundles because it looks very natural.

Curly Human Hair Bundles

Curly human hair bundles are the kind of sexy texture of human hair bundles. This texture is loved by most women because of its sexy shape with natural luster. Curly bundles will show the fuller appearance than the straight and body wave human hair bundles. This is the best choice for women who want to show the flamboyant personality.

We hope that after reading this article, you will understand more about human hair wigs and hair bundles with closure. From that, you can choose the best type which is suitable for your demands.

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