The Best Moments Of Amber Heard Without Makeup


If there is a celebrity who confidently goes out with bare face, you cannot miss the name of Amber Heard without makeup. She was born on April 22nd, 1986 in Texas and she is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood currently. According to the recent scientific facial mapping, Amber Heard has the most beautiful face on Earth. She is also known for her characters in movies such as The Informers, The Stepfather, and Aquaman.
Amber Heard has a sweet face and glamorous beauty that you can’t take your eyes off. Her natural beauty is really amazing and she is not afraid to post and share no makeup selfies on her Instagram. It can’t be denied that her flawless skin and natural hair is really attractive. Here are some of the best moments of Amber Heard without makeup.

Amber Heard

1. Bright Morning

Amber Heard is really known for her dramatic and charming looks. She walks down the street with casual clothes and a bare face. Amber’s natural beauty is really impressive and perhaps anyone will fall in love with this charm. Wearing black clothes mixed with sneakers, she starts a new day full of energy and joy. Looking an dynamic Amber Heard, you may get excited to have a great morning. Let’s enjoy your new days as positive as possible.

Bright Morning

2. Street Style

One more time we accidentally caught a sign of Amber crossing street with simple style. She wears a white T-shirt mixed and slim fit jeans but she still looks positively lovely. She is brave without a trace of makeup on her face. This picture of Amber is so amazing. Even though by chance, Amber holding a cup of coffee is still beautiful. In daily life, you don’t have to force yourself wearing makeup to look more attractive because you really don’t know how beautiful you are. Amber looks beautiful without makeup and so do you.

Street Style

3. Perfect Skin

Anyone who looks at this picture will be attracted by Amber’s pleasant smile, clean and smooth skin. She looks like a teenager who goes shopping with a good mood. From stylish boutiques, she enjoys her time and looks flawless. Sometimes it is hard for you to go outside without makeup but you should know that your natural skin can help you look younger. Amber Heard becomes more attractive with healthy skin and she is always comfortable with her own skin. Everything you need to be attractive is confident of your natural look and you need to take care of your skin, as well.

Perfect Skin

4. Delightful Hairstyle

Do you know when you take off your makeup, you will pay more attention to your hair? Amber Heard goes outside with long silky hair. Her long blonde hair matches her face perfectly. Without foundation, lipstick, and eyeliner Amber Heard stills looks gorgeous with pretty hair. She really has naturally beautiful hair and it enhances her glamorous appearance. We can recognize that Amber Heard without makeup is beautiful in eye-catching hairstyle.

Delightful Hairstyle

5. Going For A Walk

The truth is that Amber Heard is truly beautiful with and without makeup. In this picture, a Hollywood star is walking with her adorable puppy in New York City. She wears a long grey trench coat, black skinny pants and she left her long blond hair down. She looks like a model on the catwalk rather than a normal girl walks on the street. Indeed, Amber Heard always knows how to enjoy her life behind the scene. No one can’t deny that she absolutely looks attractive in this free makeup picture.

Going For A Walk

6. Comfortable Lifestyle

Amber Heard is definitely one of the most gorgeous actress with natural beauty. There are more than one time we spot Amber on the street with a bare face and this picture is nothing different. It seems that she goes some shopping with her dog and she is really comfortable in this style. She likes to show her natural beauty and she is confident to show her natural look to her fan. This picture exposes the perfect natural beauty of Amber Heard without makeup.

Comfortable Lifestyle

Amber Heard is really one of the most attractive women on this planet. With or without makeup she is always outstanding in those picture.. She look absolutely stunning without even trying cosmetics. Amber Heard is not only beautiful with no makeup pictures but also confident in her natural beauty and herself. It can’t be denied that everyone will fall in love with her flawless beauty.  All of women are beautiful without make up. Luxshinehair hopes that you can believe in your natural beauty.

Many celebrities also often don’t make- up when they are not in front of the crowd like Tiana Mongeau or Katy Perry, click in to know more details. If you want to copy beautiful hairstyles of Amber Heard, follow



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