All Information About Tape In Hair Extensions


Tape in hair extension is the leading type of non-damaging hair extensions to the beauty industry. You will know more with a comprehensive consultation with a lounge professional. In this article, we will tell you other important information about tape in hair extensions. Although they are some pieces of information, they are very necessary.

Tape In Hair Extensions

1. Can Tape In Hair Extensions Damage Your Hair?

Tape in hair extensions provide an instant length, width, thickness with proper care and maintenance without harmful side effects of other types of hair extensions. Specially designed for fine and thin hair, tape in hair extensions are installed using a sandwich technique where your natural hair is positioned between two pieces of pre-tapped extensions adhered with natural hair in between.

Tape in hair extensions are ideal for a natural seamless look as the tape in hair extensions tabs lie horizontally on the head straight out of where the hair naturally grows. The hair is not over-driven in a way and can lie flat on the head during sleeping, brushing and other activities for comfort.

2. How To Take Care Of Tape In Hair Extension?

If you are unable to properly maintain tape in hair extensions, your natural hair may be damaged. Follow these following tips, you can avoid any potential damage.

  • Wash your hair with regularity. Don’t allow hair extensions to ruin your new tape from an oily scalp or excessive products. Regularly cleaning your hair and scalp can avoid slippage which can cause damage. However, it doesn’t mean that you wash your hair every day. If you wash your hair every day, the natural oil on your hair will be totally clean so that your hair will be able to be dried and breakage.

Wash Your Hair With Regularity

  • Besides, you shouldn’t apply conditioner to the tab or scalp that has tape tabs in place. This can damage the natural hair and cause slippage.
  • Brush the tape into extensions periodically to remove any tangles so that during brushing, no additional stress is put on the tab region of tape.

Brush The Tape Into Extensions

  • During sleeping, swimming or other physical activities, wear low braids or ponytails. Don’t wear high ponytails or any tight hairstyles that would over-direct the tape in hair extensions in any way.

During Sleeping, Swimming Or Other Physical Activities, Wear Low Braids Or Ponytails

  • Use a pressing motion when you wash the extensions, not rubbing to avoid matting.
  • If they have any concerns about the above, or they encounter any discomfort in any way, encourage the customer to see a salon professional immediately.

3. Why Should You Choose Tape In Hair Extensions?

The tape in hair extensions are damage-free and also easy to install. These extensions can be installed within a very short time at home; moreover, they can be adjusted and moved as required. Because they aren’t woven into the hair, clamped on to the hair or glued to the hair, they won’t cause hair damage themselves. For those who want hair extensions that are easy to install and provide flawless, long-lasting results, tape in hair extensions are a great option.

4. The Benefits of Tape In Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have gained a reputation for being high-maintenance, damaging and a best-left extravagance to people who frequent the red carpet. But that’s not the case, especially when it comes to tape in hair extensions. They are the best when it comes to getting great length, volume and keeping your natural hair healthy. Allow me to point you to the benefits of tape in hair extensions.

  • Tape In Hair Extensions Don’t Look Fake

The first important thing is that these hair extensions look like your natural hair. The bonds lie completely flat and comfortable against your head that is difficult for other people to realize. Even, sometimes you can be able to forget about them until you catch a glimpse of long, thick ponytail in the mirror. But remember that not all hair is created equal. Pulling off a seamless look is critical to matching hair density, texture, thickness and color. With these extensions, you can style, dry or iron the extensions just as you would without fear of unnecessary tangles and matting your natural hair.

Tape In Hair Extensions Don’t Look Fake

  • They Are Easy To Care For

You can treat the extensions just like you would do for your natural hair. Extensions are, like your natural hair, most fragile when wet. Before gently combing to detachment, you can blast the roots and bonds with a blow-dryer, which helps to prevent any tugging on the wet bonds. Remember to always sleep with your hair in a loose braid to get the best result.

  • The Application And Removal Process Isn’t Time-Consuming

The application and removal process of tape in hair extensions take about an hour to complete. The extension hair is attached to super-sticky stripes that are inch long. When you leave your hair to a skillful stylist, you don’t have to worry that you wait for the completion for a long time.

5. Mistakes That Can Ruin A Tape In Extension Application

  • They Are Too Close To The Scalp

If you place the extensions too close to the scalp, you will probably feel discomfort until your natural hair grows out a bit. It is recommended to place the extensions about 2 to 5 centimeters from the scalp.

Mistake 1

  • Sections Are Either Too Thin Or Too Thick

If the sections are too thin, it can cause damage or make the extensions easier to fall out. On the other hand, the sections are too thick making the extensions harder for the adhesive to reach each other.

We have shared with you some necessary information about tape in hair extensions. Hopefully, they are useful for you. If you have any questions or want to buy extensions, contact for help. Thank you for reading!


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