All You Need To Know About Deep Wave Hair Extensions


These days, deep wave hair extensions are becoming a trendy texture as you might have heard about them from the celebrity news or maybe someone you know got them and cannot stop talking about how amazing they are.

Are you missing important hair information that can make you look more fabulous? Don’t worry if you don’t know what deep wave hair is, here is all information you need to know about it.

1. What Is A Deep Wave Hair Extension?

Deep wave hair is a common kind of human hair that can blend with ethnic natural hair textures very well. With different styling techniques, it can hold the style for a long period of time. Women love this hair texture because it can bring the shiny fullness that almost women desire. Especially, deep wave hair extensions can last at least 12 months with proper care.

Deep Wave Hair Extension

2. Best Hairstyles for Deep Wave Hair

If you are looking for a change with the wavy hair extension, don’t miss the following hairstyles for deep wave hair extensions.

  • Curly Bun

If you want a simple but professional look, a curly bun will satisfy you. Make a clean section, take all the hair to the neck nape and make the base of the hair smooth by pulling the hair taut. Now, twirl the hair in a circular motion and secure it with a hair tie. You can also use some bobby pins to decorate your bun. Besides, you can section off a small bang and keep the tendrils fall loosely in front of your face.

Curly Bun

  • Bob Hairstyle With Deep Wave Hair

Bob hairstyle with deep waves is especially suitable for those who have a round and plump face. With this hairstyle, your hair can be cut into several layers to create a tight effect. It can make you look radiant and shine on any occasion.

Bob Hairstyle With Deep Waves

  • Half Up And Half Down

If you want to get a full view of your face, try this hairstyle. Start by brushing your hair backward and separate the top half from the bottom half. Make a bun on the top of your head and brush the ponytail’s opposite front side. Then, keep it flat and add extra lift to the top center to finish the look.

Half Up And Half Down

  • Curly Ponytail

Brush all of your hair backward and separate a small piece of hair from the back to create this beautiful wavy ponytail.

Curly Ponytail

  • Braided Updo

If you love a trendy style, a braided updo is a perfect choice for you. Take all the hair back and split your hair into three sections. Start braiding your wave off your neck nape and leave your hair on top. Use a hairpin to secure the top. Now, leave the top half of the ponytail on your face.

Braided Updo

  • French Braids

Detangling your hair is very important before you do a French braid hairstyle. Start by parting your hair into two sections down the middle. Take one section and part it into three sections, then braid them. Repeat this process with the second section. When it is done, you will have beautiful French braids.

French Braids

  • Crown Braid

These days, the crown braid is one of the most trending styles for women. This hairstyle can add fullness to your natural hairstyle. Firstly, brush your deep wave hair with a wide-toothed comb. Start by parting your hair backward the neck nape. Braid your hair from the back of your neck. Remember to observe the perimeter of your hairline and hair before braiding. Keep braiding until the braid ends and cover the tail of your braid by pinning it into a cornrow. You should wear gold hair jewelry and take the loose tendrils on the side of your braid to make it look stunning.

Crown Braid

  • Twisted Updo

Brush your hair properly and divide it into six sections. After being stranded, each section should be twisted. Then, pull this section up and secure all sections into a ponytail.

Twisted Updo

Here are just some deep wave hairstyles, you can try other ones that you desire. This is because we know that there are a lot of people know many other hairstyles. So, please share with us your favorite hairstyle.

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