Some Advice To Consider When Choosing Hair Length In Chart


In fact, there is more to the specifics of the length, so you need to be exact when describing your favorite length to the stylists to make an ideal hairstyle. In this article, we will show you the hair length chart. The length of our products depends on the texture. With the same length, straight hair looks longer than curly and wavy hair. It is because the hair length is measured when the strands are in straight form. From that, you can make the decision to buy the hair easily and exactly.

Hair Length Chart

1/ What Do You Consider Long Hair?

What makes long hair different between men and women. While long-haired women are graceful and beautiful, long-haired men are either cool or disaster. With long hair, you can make many styles such as up-do hair, French twists or chignons for events. This hair length in chart also brings you the feeling of a feminine girl.

Long hair includes 4 types of inches:

  • 24 Inch Hair: It can even touch your waist over your rib if you’re not too tall
  • 26 Inch Hair: With this impressive length, hair extension can reach the waist of a standard-body girl
  • 28 Inch Hair: The length size of 28 inches is actually impressive, which is about 70 centimeters. If you wear a wig with this length, these hair extensions can reach even your over waist if you are not too tall.
  • 30 Inch Hair: 30 inch hair is one of the longest sizes of our hair extensions. Some girls may raise their real hair to this length, but they can be not beautiful and smooth. Our 30 inch hair extension will help you deal with this problem.
  • 32 Inch Hair: The length of 32 inch hair will actually make you surprise.

Armpit Length

When it comes to long hair”, we have to suggest that the strands have to fall in length of armpit or longer. Long hair looks really good at first glance and there are plenty of options for you to choose with long strands. We often call this armpit length is medium long hair.

Many celebrities use very long styles compared to long hair because they are the only ones who feel free to enjoy the stylish mid-back or longer strands maintenance.

Armpit Length Hair

Bra Strap Length

You will have the hair reaching onto the strap with this length. The length of the bra strap should be just below the length of the armpit. Whether you are using hair extensions or your natural hair, it’s not easy to take care of that hair.

Bra Strap Length

Waist Length

You could also have a hair extension that exceeds your waist length. You’ll have people turning heads with such hair. However, the amount of care you have to give the hair is incredibly much.

You should notice that the hair length depends on your height. If you are tall, the butt length can become mid-back length.

Waist Length

2/ What Do You Consider Medium Hair?

This was another length in the past that people went through just to grow their hair to even greater lengths. Today, many celebrities buy this hair length extension. They even do a cut for the same length. This hair length looks very sexy and helps you to style it in different textures. Medium length hair is an obstacle to the continuity of prominence for long hair. Most people fall in love with medium hair as they don’t have time to take care of their long hair anymore.

Medium length hair includes 5 types of inches:

  • 14 Inch Hair: This length is very popular and often chosen by girls who want to have medium hair.
  • 16 Inch Hair: 16 inch hair can transform short hairstyles into hair that extends past the collar bone.
  • 18 Inch Hair: This length is for girls who want the length of hair extension to reach the middle of your back.
  • 20 Inch Hair: With 20 inch hair, natural hair that reaches the collar bone can be transformed into hair that extends to the middle of your back.
  • 22 Inch Hair: This length is very suitable for girls with a soft character.

Neck Length

This is the most common hair length in chart because most faces flatter with this length. It is also the length of most women’s natural length. It has a line between your chin and your neck. Many people use this style to wear a bob. Though you wear straight hair, it does look good.

Neck Length

Shoulder Length

If you want to have a bit longer hair, you should try this one. I like this style that even lets you tie it to a ponytail. There’s really no style of updo you can’t do with this style.

Shoulder Length Hair.

3/ What Do You Consider Short Hair?

In the past, women were in love with traditional long locks. Nevertheless, people need to go for convenient options in the hustle and bustle of life, which is understandable. Short hair seems to be the best choice for everyone. This hair length suits women who are in mid-ages and older women as well. For most women who want to get short hair, getting it right is never easy.

Short hair divide into 4 types of inches:

  • 6 Inch Hair: This hair length is impressive for short hair with weaves and clip in, etc.
  • 8 Inch Hair: With 8 inch hair, chic length hair will look longer and thicker.
  • 10 Inch Hair: 10 inches is approximately 25 centimeters in length so it is suitable for short hairstyles.
  • 12 Inch Hair: Natural hair length that reaches the chin or longer will be transformed in shoulder-length hair.

Ear Length

Let’s just assume that this is one of the shortest hair lengths you can ever have. It simply hits your ears. Before you buy these extensions, you need to be sure that it looks good on you.

Ear Length

Chin Length

This is a trendy look which looks classic. I like this style because I can put on different styles of bob.

Chin Length

If you want to change your hairstyle without changing your natural hair, hair extension of Luxshinehair will help you. With a variety of hair lengths, textures, you can have a new appearance whenever you want. Follow our website or contact us if you want to own our products.


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