6 Inch Hair Extensions: Tips To Preserve and Extend Their Lifespan


Do you agree that when planning to purchase hair extensions, you need to consider many features of hair for the best look. Some people think that only long straight hair gives you beautiful hairstyles, but that’s not true. Short hairdos can also make girls become more charming and attractive. But, if your hair is too short, weak and thin, choose to use short hair extensions like hair extensions of 6 inches. With these extensions, you still get a more voluminous look without having to style or dye too much. You may have guessed that in this article we will show you several tips to take care of 6 inch hair length. So, let’s find out them right now.

How Long Is 6 Inch Hair Extensions?

To avoid misunderstandings when ordering 6 inch hair, we recommend you use a hair length chart to describe your desired length most exactly. The length of 6 inches is measured when the hair is maximally straightened; therefore, if you style it into wavy or curly hair, the hair will be shorter and cannot look nice. 6 inch hair length is the shortest length size which is only about 15 centimeters so that this length is quite modest. However, with this hair length, you can still get impressive short hairstyles like pixie or bob hairstyles.

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How Long Is 6 Inch Hair Extensions

How To Take Care Of Hair Extensions of 6 Inches

  • Don’t Rub

The most common mistake that many of us make when drying our hair is rubbing the hair. It is important to remember that you just use a towel to pat your hair dry, not rub. Rubbing will cause split ends and frizz because this doesn’t work in the direction of hair growth. Patting might take longer but it can prevent your hair from damaging.

Don’t Rub

  • Rinse Your Hair With Lukewarm Water

Some people may love giving their hair a rinse with cold water in the summer and with hot water in the winter. But, in fact, your hair is not strong enough to face this. Whether you are in the summer or winter, lukewarm water is always essential for your wash. It helps seal the hair cuticles so your hair lies flat, giving a sleek, shinier appearance.

Rinse Your Hair With Lukewarm Water

  • Avoid Daily Washing Hair

Another mistake we make when using 6 inch hair extensions is washing it too frequently. Do you know that your scalp produces oils to protect your hair from harmful environmental effects? So, what will happen if you wash your hair too much? Every time you wash your hair, the natural oils will be stripped out of your scalp. This leads to the lack of oils making your hair dry.

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  • Use Heat Protection Spray

Whether you have synthetic or human hair, if you have to style your 6 inch hair extensions, it’s necessary to invest in a good quality heat protection spray to create a barrier between your hair and the heat source. Although this cannot avoid heat entirely, it will go some way to protect your hair from damage. Whether you use a blow-dryer, hair straightener or curling iron, never be without your heat protection spray.

Use Heat Protection Spray

We have shared with you some tips to preserve and extend the lifespan of your hair extensions of 6 inches. Don’t hesitate to share this article with your friends who may be using this hair length. Thanks so much for reading!


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