12 Inch Weave Hair Extensions: The Outstanding Features, Stunning Hairstyles


Nowadays, most of women love medium-length hairstyles which can make them look active and energetic. However, if your hair is too short or weak, it’s difficult to achieve your desired hairstyle. So, what will you do in this case? Of course, the most effective way is using hair extensions to enhance your beauty and look. They also offer an immediate solution to your natural hair deficiency, but sometimes you maybe not sure what type of hair extensions to go for. Every type of hair extensions has its own features. We recommend you use 12 inch weave length for a gorgeous look. This is one of the most popular lengths that will increase the volume of the hair, aside from the length. Now, let’s find out interesting features about these hair extensions.

12 inch weave

The Outstanding Features Of The 12 Inch Weave

High Quality

The virgin human hair is the best hair among other hair types which is picked from trustable sources. The hair is sourced from donors, then cleaned and sorted so that the hair cuticles still remain aligned. Moreover, the hair contains no synthetic or animal fiber. With proper care, your extensions can last over a year and still keep its shiny look.

Different Textures

You may be shocked by the various textures of 12 inch weave. The wide variety of textures makes it easy to choose the type that suits you best. The most popular textures are body wave, straight, curly, kinky curly, kinky straight, deep wave, natural wave, loose wave and more. Different people enjoy different textures so you can choose the best style for you based on your face shape and hair type.

Different Textures

Various Colors

If you want to buy these extensions, there is no better brand than Luxshinehair. Besides black hair, they also supply colors like brown, cold colors.

Various Colors

Natural Look

Despite wearing hair extensions, every woman wants to look as natural as possible. You can easily achieve this if you know the texture to use for your hair. 12 inch weave hair extensions will look as though you are wearing your natural hair.

Natural Look

How Does The 12 Inch Weave Look Lengthwise?

You should notice that different women have different heights which determine where the hair falls for you. For example, a tall woman wearing the 12 inch hair won’t appear as a short woman wearing the 12 inch.

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Different Hairstyle Choices For 12 Inch Weaves

  • 12 inch Straight Weave

Straight hair is perfect if you want to wear a bob. The straight hair with middle parting gives your hair more definition and shape. Besides black, you can use other tones like blonde hair. This hairstyle gives you an extra level of confidence and a slight mood boost.

12 inch straight weave

  • 12 inch Body Wave

This style will suit women who like to be a little playful. The body wavy hairstyle gives your hair the perfect volume. This is the perfect hairstyle for anyone who wants to command attention. When you no longer want the waves, you can straighten it for your favorite look.

12 inch body wave

  • 12 inch Natural Wave Weave

Like I already mentioned, the most important thing for any woman is to use a weave that looks natural. This 12 inch natural wave weave is one such hair type you may choose. The hair looks soft and bouncy, yet it’s healthy and elastic in appearance. However, don’t expect it to maintain its structure if you don’t take good care of your hair.

12 inch Natural Wave Weave

Now, what are you waiting for? Go on to Luxshinehairstore.com right now to check out your favorite 12 inch weave to change your style. Thanks for reading!


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