Everything About 10 Inch Hair Extensions


Nowadays, bob hair is becoming a trend with young girls. These bob hairstyles are quite short but it can still give you an impression look. Besides cutting and styling your hair into short haircuts, you still have another effective way to achieve your expecting look. It’s using hair extensions with 10 inch for length. So, now let’s discover all amazing things of 10 inch hair extensions right in this article.

1. What Is 10 Inch Hair Extensions?

10 inch hair length is about 25 centimeters long. Because the hair length is quite modest, this is ideally suited for short hairstyles such as bob or lob hair. This hair length is applied for different types of hair extensions such as clip in hair extensions, weave hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, etc.

Before buying these hair products, you need to know that the length size of 10 inches is measured when the hair is maximally straightened. Therefore, if you order hair with other textures like wavy or curly hair, it will be a bit shorter in length. Obviously, you can still get amazing short hairstyles.

10 Inch Hair Extensions

2. Who Can Wear These Hair Extensions?

As mentioned above, 10 inch hair extensions is very simple and user-friendly so they are popularly used for many different types. With this hair length, you can have a new fresh look for some occasion such as a prom, meeting or wedding. These days, short hairstyles are extremely diverse and attractive so you will have a variety of choices with these hair extensions to have a better look.

These 10 inch hair extensions are most useful for women who have bad hair problems like weak hair, thin hair or hair loss. The important thing is that this length will replace your bad hair with a thicker, smoother and more beautiful look. Especially, if you choose the right hair color and texture for your hair, you must look wonderful. Besides, choosing the quality of hair is very important because it not only brings the naturalness to hair but also protects your hair from outside bad effects such as dirt or chemicals.

Using hair extensions with 10 inches is a perfect choice if you are a businesswoman who needs to appear in front of the other people but don’t have much time to visit hair salons regularly. You don’t need to spend much time in wearing or removing these hair extensions.

3. Types Of Luxshinehair’s Hair Extensions For 10 Inch Length

With this medium length, you can choose any types of hair extensions such as bulk, weave, clip in hair extensions, etc. In this part, we will show you some types of hair extensions you can use for 10 inch hair length.

  • Bulk Hair

10 inch bulk hair is often supplied to wholesaler or traders. They can make different types of hair extensions such as weft, clip in or lace hair from bulk hair extensions. Each bulk is tied into small bundles with elastic rounds. Luxshinehair supply enough quantity and quality depending on your demands.

Bulk Hair

  • Weave Hair

Using weave hair is better than keeping hair in an inconvenient bulk. Weft hair extensions is a method of sewing hair extensions directly on real hair to make hair look thicker and more beautiful.

Weave Hair

  • Clip-In Hair

Clips can be put in wherever on hair that you feel suitable and natural. Moreover, tiny and easily-using clips can be put on and removed whenever you want. Nowadays, this type of hair extensions is very popular because of its convenience.

Clip In Hair

  • Tape In Hair

Similar to clip in hair, these days, these hair extensions are also popularly used. You will use this type of hair extensions by sticking them on real hair. The special thing of using these tape in hair extensions is that you can reuse them for many times and many different positions on head.

Tape In Hair

  • Keratin Hair

Keratin hair extensions of Luxshinehair has 4 basic types named V-tip, U-tip, I-tip and flat tip hair extensions. Each tip is melted and fused with the help of heat to keep hair not fallen out.

Keratin Hair

  • Lace Frontal and Lace Closure

Hair will be crocheted on a flat with a large coverage. Its volume is approximately 30-35 grams. These lace can be used for whatever hairstyles you like. Lace frontal is larger than lace closure and you can choose one that you like.

Lace Frontal And Lace Closure

In conclusion, I’m sure that 10 inch hair extensions will be suitable for you to make a thicker, longer and more attractive hair. Besides this length, there are more types of hair extensions with other length. You can contact Luxshinehair.com or visit our website to find out more information about other hair length.

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